If Pounds Were Miles…

August 11, 2012

If a pound was a mile I would have lost the equivalent of a marathon in the first five weeks of my “Wellness Revolution!” This past week I lost 2.6 pounds for a total of 26.2 pounds lost thus far as listed in the chart below:

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%
3 287.2 284.6 2.6 18.4 6.41%
4 284.6 279.4 5.2 23.6 8.29%
5 279.4 276.8 2.6 26.2 9.38%

While I tied my lowest weekly weight loss to date I could now be happier with it. If you recall in my post last week I was whining and worried about my results this week because Deb and I were going away for a long weekend. As a result all meals for three days would be ordered from a restaurant and that which is becoming routine for me now would be thrown into disarray which I viewed as a big challenge for me.

My weekly point of enlightenment came when Carolyn Maul read the blog and emailed me politely asking me to adjust my attitude.  She said that instead of viewing the upcoming week as being a “challenge” it was better to view it as an “opportunity.” So that’s how I went into the week viewing these circumstances as an opportunity. An opportunity  to demonstrate that I am still in control of my actions, diet and exercise! (By the way- Carolyn has updated her web site – take a look:  http://carolynmaul.com/ )

The biggest “opportunity” I faced was eating out for so many meals. The one thing I discovered quickly was that no matter what type of restaurant we went into at any time of day I would immediately look at the kinds of meals I would have normally ordered. As a result there is no question as to how I became fat! Quite literally there was not a single meal that I would have normally ordered that was within a country mile of being healthy.

The bottom line is that I am in control of the food that enters my body and therefore making sound nutritional choices not just for today but into my future will make me a more fit. As a result I will one day soon be a healthy man free of blood pressure and cholesterol meds.  I know that the weight loss wasn’t huge this week but it was healthy loss.  While I desire big numbers every week I recognize that I got fat over a long period of time and slimming down will indeed take time as well.

The one thing I can tell you is that although I’m still fat I feel much, much better. I have more energy and already I’m able to reach into the dark depths of my closet to start wearing clothes that have been unavailable for wear in a long, long time.

So into the next week I go. I know have a great understanding of what I need to do and the plan is to continue to exercise that plan from this point forward, (pun intended). If any of you are reading this and thinking that you are beyond hope please think again.  Reach out to others for help and support while removing yourself from negative people and negative influences. Be patient and look at every small step in the right direction as being a great blessing and benefit for yourself!


I Lost a Turkey!

August 4, 2012

Today’s post has to be pretty short because my wife and I are heading out of town for the weekend. That in itself will produce numerous challenges for me regarding weight loss in the coming week. I have started to settle into a daily and weekly routine to support “The Wellness Revolution.” Daily routine and patterns have made it easier to eat properly and on a precise schedule. That will be far more difficult this week.

Additionally Sunday is food purchase and food prep day. We go to three separate places to buy the specific food that we need. There is then a time of preparing a lot of our food for the work week ahead. That probably takes at least three hours of time. As we will not be in town on Sunday I have not yet figured out how we will adjust to that. I also have a meeting at church on Tuesday night that will effectively eliminate one night at the gym. I think I’ll call this challenge week!


My weekly attitudinal adjustment came shortly after last week’s post I wasn’t happy about the amount of weight I had lost and I got a supportive email from my trainer Carolyn Maul who runs the Wellness Revolution program through the Nashua Athletic Club. Part of the email talked about setting realistic expectations regarding weekly weight loss. She also talked about the man who she had trained and whom I had read about in the Nashua Telegraph that had lost so much weight in such a short period of time: http://www.telegraphneighbors.com/localnews/966461-147/man-drops-100-pounds-in-6-months.html?CSAuthResp=1234%3A%3A5000%3A257%3A24%3Aapproved%3A748801ABF57441070238AEAD407A5FAA

The quote from her email that resonated with me the most was that he had only been successful at this effort because “…that was him busting ass at the gym 5x week.” I realized that while I was going to the gym on occasion I certainly wasn’t doing it as regularly or with as maximum of an effort as I needed.

This week I worked at being more consistent with that effort and it paid some dividends for me.

I always like to create a visual image for me to help me understand how much weight I have last in either a weekly or effort to date time period. This week I realized that when we host a Thanksgiving dinner I always look for the biggest turkey that I can find- at the least one over twenty pounds. I then picture how heavy that turkey is when I sling it into the shopping cart and now I imagine that being how much less I weigh today vs. before The Wellness Revolution.


Weekly results:

So this week I lost 5.2 pounds for a four week total of 23.6 pounds with a weight loss percentage of 8.29%. I can’t remember the last time the 270’s and I met!  Obviously I’m very happy with that but I am wise enough to know that this was a very good week with a consistent schedule. This week will be different with a lot more challenges so I don’t know what to expect for next week. If I escape next week with a more realistic loss of a couple of pounds I will consider myself blessed!

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%
3 287.2 284.6 2.6 18.4 6.41%
4 284.6 279.4 5.2 23.6 8.29%


The disappointment of a fat man….

July 28, 2012



Ok- this one is going to be short and sweet because frankly I’m not in a very good mood! This past week I did everything that I was supposed to.

I did cardio like I was supposed to…

I lifted weights like I was supposed to…


I food prepped the way I was supposed to…

I ate the way I was supposed to…


And I only lost 2.6 pounds!




Pounds Lost


% Weight




This Week

Pounds Lost

Loss to Date




















Now before everyone gets their lecture on I know that by mere mortal standards this is a good thing. I know that at this weekly rate I would lose 135 pounds in a year. I know that you put weight on slowly and should take it off slowly. I know this shows the effectiveness of the Wellness Revolution program. I know for the first time in years I am deflating instead of inflating… blah, blah, blah….

But I’m still not happy.  I’ve discovered that eating healthy, exercising and losing weight is a bit like an addictive drug. I’ve had my first taste and now I want more and frankly for me it feels like it is never enough.

The sane sensible side of me understands the blah, blah, blah and will not allow me to back off of the Wellness Revolution.  The classes are great and the dietary education will be life changing for Deb and I.

So like all good parties this pity party must end. I promise to set far more reasonable and well measured expectations for my weight loss goals from this point forward.

I had hoped to hit the 20 pounds lost mark this week and be in the 270’s next week- so now I’ll just hit both of those marks next week. Oh well- so much for promises!   🙂

I am a Habitual Offender

July 21, 2012

As I’ve progressed into week two of this “Wellness Revolution” through the Nashua Athletic Club I have found this program to be very helpful because it’s emphasis is not just on exercise and nutrition. It also challenges you to look at the causation of why you are in your current state of physical disrepair. The reality is that anyone can diet and lose weight. Anyone can spend a period of time eating in a healthy manner as well. What is far less likely is sustain a person’s ability to sustain any positive results as we will fall back into old habits if we do not address them and rectify them.

I have terrible dietary habits that I have developed over many years. I walk by the candy dish at home and grab a piece. Habit.  Going to the mall means stopping at Dairy Queen. Habit. Supersizing meals. Habit. Going to the movies means popcorn and candy. Habit. Eating out means ordering a beer. Habit. Frankly this list can go on and on but what needs to be addressed is how these habits are impacting my health.

For me this week my great awakening related to habits occurred this past Sunday morning. Our usual habit is to stop at Dunkin Donuts on our way to church. This saves us time and even when we have time we do it now because it is purely instinctive. On the previous Sunday I had just started food logging and had indeed done the Dunkin’s thing. This Sunday I was on board with the healthier eating and we made sure we had time to eat at home before church. Now what flows is math and I hate math but in this case the numbers can make a difference.

Previous Sunday:

My usual intake =’s one glazed donut, one chocolate glazed donut and an orange juice. The total caloric intake per my food logging app was 870 calories!

This past Sunday:

With the new healthier eating mindset I made sure that I had time to prepare out breakfast at home. I made scrambled egg whites with red and yellow peppers. The total caloric intake per my food logging app was 334 calories!

Here’s where the math theory gets complex so try to focus!

The difference in calories between the two weeks was 536 calories.  If  I chose to stop the old Dunkin’s habit and start the new healthier cooking/eating habit then over a fifty-two week period changing that one meal per week would save me 27,872 calories. I’ve searched numerous sites on the web as to how many calories that you have to eat to gain a pound or burn to lose a pound and the general consensus was 3,500 calories.

 Simply changing a single dietary habit over a one year period could produce an eight pound swing in my weight, (7.963428571428571 pounds to be exact!)

So imagine what the possibilities could be if I changed a lot of bad habits and directed them to good. The potential change could be beyond imagine and necessitate a whole new wardrobe!

Math lesson over!

I am a fan of the web and have been using YouTube quite a bit for healthy cooking ideas and methods. I thought I’d share what we made for dinner yesterday. I have to say that it tasted as good as it looked and was much, much lower calorically than what would have been a normal dinner for us.

In the foreground are simple chicken breasts. I coated them with one teaspoon of honey and just a dash of soy sauce before grilling them. In the background are baked sweet potato fries, Deb peels them, partially cooks them in the microwave until they start to get soft. She then slices them, seasons them and rolls them in about one tablespoon of olive oil. They are then baked and they are both delicious and healthy – go figure!

Week 2 Results:

Overall I am pretty happy with the week two results. Of course I always wish that it was more but 6.8 pounds isn’t too shabby. One of the ways I try to quantify my weight loss is to compare it with something else. Imagine yourself going to the grocery store and you have to stoop down to grab a bag of sugar off the bottom shelf. Imagine how heavy that five pound bag feels and then imagine that in three weeks I’ve lost the weight of over three of those bags!

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%

So off into week three I go. I am hoping that progress continues and between the exercise and this weeks “whole food cleanse” I’ll have more positive results to report next week!

If anyone has any thoughts, questions please feel free to leave a comment so we can all learn from it!

I’m a Big Fat Liar

July 15, 2012



With week one in the bag I have to confess that what I have discovered early on in this journey is that I am indeed a big fat liar, (double entendre by intent). In the normal course of my life I like to think that I am a very honest man but as it turns out for a couple of years now I have fallen into the trap of lying to myself.

The lie that I have told myself and subsequently convinced myself of is that I am incapable of being healthy. I am incapable of getting off of my ever expanding backside and exercising, eating healthy and losing weight. You see I kept reminding myself of the fact that I’ve had three knee surgeries in two years that have failed me. I’d point out to myself that I have constant pain in that knee and that because of that all hope was lost.  I had never been able to lose weight without exercise so I convinced myself that it was no longer possible. My lies made me give up and to live in a world of excuses getting me to the point the United States Postal Service was considering assigning a zip code to my stomach!

Well as it turns out the truth will set me free. Signing up for “The Wellness Revolution” program at the Nashua Athletic Club has forced me to separate fact from fiction. It has forced me to ask myself if I want to live the rest of my life as a fat man or do I instead want to man up and take personal responsibility for how I look and feel. I’m typing this after coming back from the gym at 10PM because I decided it was important enough for me to cheat on my couch and spend those hours in a place that would benefit me instead of slowly harming me.

When I entered the gym I really wasn’t sure how it would go. As it turns out it was during my time there that it dawned on me that I really had been deceiving myself. It wasn’t my knee that was keeping me from exercising but rather my own laziness and lack of intestinal fortitude. As it turns out I can exercise and in fact I can do far more than I could have imagined that both myself and my evil little knee was capable of. On this first attempt I managed to spend thirty consecutive minutes on the treadmill and immediately transitioned to fifteen minutes on an exercise bike. I was amazingly hot, sweaty and exceedingly happy as a result.

No more lies- no more excuses.

Observations related to the first meeting/class/workout of the Wellness Revolution group:

Deb and I went to the first class and found it to be great. We are in a group of eight people and all appear to be very nice. There are both males and females and all are in varying states of health and needs. The environment is very nonjudgmental and the atmosphere is supportive. Carolyn Maul is the instructor and the first half of the two hour block consisted of a complete explanation of the course, expectations of what the next eight weeks will bring and an excellent dialogue related to nutrition being one of the cornerstones of our overall health. We each have our own prefilled binders with a lot of helpful information, instruction and recipes.

We spent the second half of the time there in the gym for our first taste of physical training. To be frank I hated it beyond words.  Now just because I hated it that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t excellent in nature but that it was personally difficult for me in a number of ways. This effort forced me to see and at the same time put on public display exactly how far I have fallen. A lot of the exercises entailed a certain level of balance and flexibility which I have lost due to my knee problem as well as my overall accumulated blubber. The superman exercise in particular was literally painful for me as it required lying on your stomach and lifting your feet and legs in the air thereby putting immense amounts of pressure on my oversized stomach and causing sharp pain.

The other issue that I had was that there was the need to get up and down from the floor many times over and that is a great limitation for me with the lack of flexibility with my knee. On one occasion when trying to get down on the floor I actually fell thereby speeding up the process of descent considerably!

The reality is I am an ignorant guy and I like to do cardio and lift weights while grunting, sweating and smelling poorly.  The great news overall is Carolyn is there to show us how to exercise with good form and for best overall results. What she shows us and has us do are suggestions but they are not pure mandates of how we must exercise. What is most important is that we do indeed exercise on a regular basis and she is available to help us along the way as needed. If you would like to see the types of exercises we worked on and see Carolyn herself demonstrating them check out the following link:



Getting healthy can be expensive business:

It is a fact that statistically poor people tend to be less healthy and more overweight than people of means. Some of that may relate to lack of nutritional education but much has to do with the sheer expense of being healthy. Good healthy food cost far more than processed packaged food. Health club memberships, special programs like The Wellness Revolution and buying appropriate and necessary items have made my wallet cry out in pain over the last week or two. And this is the same poor wallet that has me sitting on it all day long so it’s already been through enough!

If anyone wonders what $55 of fruit and vegetables looks like then take a look at what landed on my kitchen counter today:


For me going to Walmart used to mean:

This week it meant food storage containers, a heart monitor and sweat towels:

I really have so much more to say about this past week and my overall thoughts about this new chapter but Al Gore only made the internet so big. I’ll draw it to a close for now with the most important information of all…


Week 1 Results

I have decided that I will weigh myself once a week on Saturday. This made sense because it was a Saturday when I had my first physical evaluation for the start of The Wellness Revolution. As has been my history with the blog I will be honest in my postings and will include an ever-expanding chart below that will allow you to see my progress over the weeks.

How I felt I looked at that initial evaluation:

Week #1

303 last week

294 his week

9.0 pounds lost week one

9.0 pounds lost in one week of the program

2.97% overall weight loss in one week

Chart for all weeks listed below:

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303.0 294.0 9.0 9.0 2.97%


How I feel I look after week one:


Ok- in reality I haven’t changed that much and for me losing nine pounds is but a grain of sand in the Sahara! Please do not be overly impressed with the weight loss because traditionally the easiest and most dramatic week is the first week. While you won’t see a change in me visually at this point I can tell you that psychologically I feel great. That is because after so much procrastination and so many excuses I have decided to once again control that which I can control- and that is my personal actions.

Early on I see The Wellness Revolution as a great vehicle to drive this life change for me but what about you? Again this blog is about both the reader and I. I am confident that with the right level of motivation and desire you too can correct your course and start steaming towards a healthier you! Find the vehicle that works best for you and choose to take your life back a little bit at a time. 


My new life as a Wellness Revolutionary!

July 8, 2012

This blog post may be much longer than most but I do have about three years of stuff to fill you in on!

The blog has been doing amazingly well without me and I am approaching 500,000 hits and average at least 150 hits a day. For me personally I have not been doing as well. It’s basically been three years since I have added a significant post. It you look back through the history of the blog I had done very well and had dropped a lot of weight.  Life- in a fitness sense was going wonderfully. But then… not so much!

For those who don’t know me personally the simple story is that as I got healthier and more fit my previous problems with my left knee put an end to my efforts and my health. Three surgeries and five time on an operating room over a two year period. All that I netted for my efforts was a better parking spot at the mall and a knee that produces constant pain, discomfort and significantly reduced mobility.

The subsequent knee pain and a job that has me sitting in front of a computer for eleven hours a day has resulted in me being larger than ever and in a health sense in a state of disrepair and despair.  I have wanted to get back on the right track for a long time but any previous successes had working out as its cornerstone. How could I possibly be successful when simply walking can be difficult?

Well the answer came in the form of a news story one morning in the Nashua Telegraph. Please feel free to read and you’ll see why my interest was piqued:


I read this story and immediately felt hope starting to come back to me. I had always felt that what I needed most was a personal trainer but frankly who can afford something like that? Being a bit of a cyber-stalker I then did an internet search and found the following site regarding the trainer in the story, Carolyn Maul:


For me the deal was done at this moment- if for no other reason than I felt that I needed to be beaten up and beaten down to get to where I need to be. The last name of Maul told me that this was the trainer for me. Dictionary.com defines maul as:


1.to handle or use roughly: 2. to injure by a rough beating, shoving, or the like; bruise.

The program noted in the news article refers to: at the Nashua Athletic Club:


I called and spoke to Carolyn and loved what I heard about the program. It’s not the be all- end all- it’s the start! It’s a way to learn and a way to be accountable. It’s a way to start to have hope again. To quote from their site:  

“Over the course of the eight weeks, we will coach and educate you on the four cornerstones of a successful wellness program – nutrition, exercise, stress management, and personal development.”

One of the early suggestions from Carolyn was to start food logging so I can start to understand where my diet is now and to see the changes we need to make to get it to where it needs to be. She suggested an app called MyFitnessPal that I downloaded to my iPad:


You can use this for free online, via an iPhone of on an iPad. This program is great in that you can search the database for something like “Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donut”, (not that I’ve ever eaten one),  and it comes up with caloric and dietary information. It adds the item to your daily total and then you log your physical activities and computes those two numbers to show your daily results. It also charts your progress over time.

The best part of this whole story is that I when I presented this idea to Deb, (my wife), she was not only fully supportive but she wanted to go through the program as well! To be certain Deb isn’t the train wreck that I am but we all have our own weaknesses and she feels that hers relates to nutrition. She doesn’t enjoy trying new food and is leery of some of the healthier foods. For Deb this program offers greater physical fitness but more importantly a nutritional foundation that will hopefully help both of us for years to come.

I knew with certainty that Deb was buying into this effort when Carolyn scheduled us for a personal physical and health assessment at 8:30 AM this past Saturday which was coincidentally Deb’s birthday! I won’t say that I wasn’t the recipient of some growls and dirty looks when I woke her up for that but she still went which made me very proud and increased my hope for our future success.

I’ll spare everyone most of the gory details about my health and physical assessment but I will tell you that at the end of this appointment Carolyn very sincerely stated “I’m glad that you are here” much in the same way that a firemen state “We’re glad we happened to be driving by when we noticed your house was burning down!” I will put it out there that I have set my all-time weight gain record at a ridiculous 303 pounds. That’s right- I weigh two people!

There have always been two primary goals of this blog. The first is to shame myself and to hold myself accountable to the reader every day forward. Consider the public humiliation to have been accomplished in the previous paragraph. The second goal of the blog has been to support others who face similar battles with weight and lack of fitness. Sometimes just knowing that there are others that face the same difficulties that you do may provide you with the spark of hope that I had when I in my epic fatness happened to click on a news article just a few days ago!

So I welcome both you and me to this potentially life changing event. Read because you’re curious, because you’re evil and want to see me fail or read because you too are looking for a change and are looking for the roadmap to get you there. I used to post daily but my current work and life schedule won’t support that these days- but I assure you that I will post regularly. Please look back through the blog from the early days as there is a lot of helpful information related to exercise, recipes and hope. Hope that had been lost for a long time. Hope that is back for me and possibly for you as well.

Time to get back on the horse!

March 4, 2010

Ok- it has been about six months since I last posted to this site and it is time for me to get back on the horse and resume the ride.  A lot has happened in six months that has both elements of very good and very bad.

On the good side is the site itself! It has done very well without me and in the one year since I started it there have been over 200,000 hits. Currently the average daily hit count is 1,000+. Far less to do with my brilliant and inspirational writing and far more to do with the draw of people who like to look at the funny pictures that are posted her.

While that statement is more true than not the site still does get some legitimate readers who, based upon posted comments, do indeed read the content and are motivated enough by that content to either praise me or cuss me out. For your information I do delete the posts with excessive vulgarity!

Continuing with the good are issues related to job, family and general life issues. It does amaze me how I am blessed beyond words.  Every day is a struggle in one manner or another but I face that struggle with great family, friends, Church and job.

The “very bad” side of things is singular in nature. It’s a dirty four letter word called knee- specifically left knee. I won’t bore with the full story but as was posted months ago on this site I started to develop worsening knee pain after I started running in this weight loss effort. The problem was diagnosed and surgery was performed, In my opinion the surgical effort was flawed and now I have been advised that I need full knee replacement.

What that situation has brought about is knee pain that runs from simply bad to sometimes unbearable. The end result is that I haven’t been able to exercise to any real degree and with that I have surrendered back much that I have lost. It’s difficult to accept that because I had been feeling so good physically and had worked so hard – just to have that injury suck my enthusiasm out of this effort.

God does provide though. I have wanted to get back at this weight loss effort but could never quite find the kick in the pants to get moving again. Well this past Sunday Janet kicked me in the pants! We were visiting my brother in-law’s Church in Exeter when my sister introduced me to her friend Janet who was an avid reader of “I’m Way 2 Fat” when I posted regularly. She mentioned that she missed reading the posts and like an idiot I promised her I’d write something this week! So here I am holding to my promise- and thanks to Janet I am ready to resume my walk back to health!

My plan is that next week I will weigh in and post the sad results here just as I had in the past. I never lied in the past and I won’t next week either no matter how ugly it might be! It’s unlikely that I’ll post every day due to time constraints with my new job but I will post at least once a week so I can list my results. If possible I’ll post more.

So if anyone still has an interest in reading about this renewed journey feel free to check in. If you want to join me in the walk back to health please do. If you’re new to the site look through some of the old posts – if nothing else the pictures are entertaining.

Daily fat humor:

You’re so fat when you were in school you sat next to everyone!

You’re so fat you’re on both sides of the family.

You’re so fat your blood type is o-reo

You’re so fat you have to iron your clothes on the freeway

You’re so fat they had to baptize you at sea world