I’m Way 2 Fat – Please Help Me Change That

I am not a small man. As an affirmation to that point I have been approached by the United States Postal Service who has offered me my own zip code! When I lay on the beach people throw water on me and the Coast Guard tries to tow me back into the surf! I’m so fat that when I drop something I surrender ownership of it rather than trying to pick it up. I have three kids left that I did not drop! The jokes are endless!

The cold hard facts:

I am 49 years old and indeed I am way too fat. I don’t even know how much I weigh which is likely a bad indicator. Minutes from now I am heading off to Walmart to buy a scale and I will post the hefty results here soon.

I know how to lose weight as I’ve lost hundreds of pounds through the years. All you need to do to lose weight is understand basic math. Subtract and add. Less food plus more exercise = weight loss. Not real rocket science here! The question that begs to be answered here is if it’s so basic why am I still too fat?

I hate Freudian type excuses. Actually I hate excuses of any type for they are just crutches that seek to shore up our reality. Even though I suppose that I am too fat because I choose to be. I choose to take the easiest path and I choose comfort over sacrifice. I have chosen to accept years of public ridicule and mockery by the self righteous over putting in the effort needed to make myself healthy.

My fatness has cause me to be prescribed blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication which for about a year now I have chosen not to take. There are a few reasons for that that I will discuss in a later post for those dumb enough to come back to this lard laden site.

I have a wife and three grown kids that I love dearly. I would love to live long enough to see my grandkids. I want to spoil my grandkids and teach them bad habits which their parents will hate. I would definately be that “pull my finger” kind of grandfather! The reality is that even if I get to say hello to a grandchild or two it will probably just be a short time until I’m straining the back of my pall bearers, (that’s right Tom I’m talking to you)!

A new found motivation for me to get myself on the right track is my daughters fast approaching wedding date of May 24th. I do not want to be wheezing and sweating as I’m handing Nicole off to Marky Mark!  I don’t want to have to pay for extra material for my tux nor do I want the wedding cake to quiver in fear when it sees me!

All joking aside- I both need and am asking for your help. When I kick off this weight loss effort in a day or tow I will start posting to this site every day listing what I ate that day and what I did for exercise. I will also use the daily posting as an opportunity to whine incessantly or brag extensively depending upon my mood swing of the day.

What I ask from all of you is to hold me accountable. Whether I know you or not I ask that you offer suggestions, support, sarcasm, cruel words, constructive words… whatever it may be. To my Christian friends I ask for you to pray that God will give me the strength to change my life in a positive way. If you too struggle with a weight problem please feel free to use this blog as a place where you can talk about that as well. Maybe in a little way this effort may not just help me but others going through a similar type of struggle.

I need to know that if I fail it will be a public failure. I need to fear the public humiliation more than the desire to fill my pie hole with another helping.

So as a starting point- what are your thoughts? Good idea? Bad idea? Do you have other ideas that I can incorporate into my effort with this site?

I plan on starting the actual “new me” effort in a couple of days.  Will you walk with me?


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  1. Ron says:

    I’m on board and pulling for you. I myself need to make the lifestyle switch. My eating habits are for an Olympic Swimmer, my excercise habbis are that of a log. Thus this is why i need to change.

  2. John says:

    I wouldn’t beat myself up too much if I were you. I know alot of slim people that are unhealthy or sick, and I know alot of fat people that are healthy. Some people find fat people sexy and attractive. Nature makes us all different for good reasons. I never met one person who doesn’t like Jackie Gleason. Would you rather be skinny & starving to death like people in Africa or India?? If your weight is not really seriously adversly affecting your health, accept yourself, and be a happy person!

  3. rj g. says:

    I would personally say that you should not listen to a word that “John” has said. There is a big..ENORMOUS, difference between being happy with yourself, or being a glutton. I think you are in the exact right mind set. It’s apparent that it didn’t even strike you until you began to have health issues with your excessive weight. And in reference to what John said about knowing people that are fat an healthy, that is compeletely false. The is no such thing as being fat and be fat is to be UNHEALTHY. Fat, and a little over weight are such different words. I am a 5 foot tall woman who weighs about 125 and I would say that I am a little over weight…but in no way fat. Any doctor will tell you the same thing. Along with being fat there are always health I realize you are finding out.
    I think your blog is a wonderful idea and I support you 100%. Keep on keepin’ on. As soon as you get into a routine it gets easier. Just know that I (someone who has no idea who you are) am rooting for you. I am in the process of becoming a yoga/pilates instructor, and am training very hard to succeed. I will think of you when I go to the gym and keep you in my prayers.
    Good luck with everything!

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