Desire and Reality in Conflict


Fourteen weeks into this life changing effort I am amazed at my mental and physical transformation. I started out at 303 pounds and could easily be winded just using the remote control.  Now I am at the gym five to six times a week. Nutritional wisdom is a now cornerstone of my life and my diet is spot on.

To continue to challenge myself I started an “Air Squat Challenge” on my Facebook page   I stole this idea from someone else with after the fact permission. The challenge to me and many of my friends was to commit to completing 100 air squats a day for thirty days. For me I was thinking that in addition to what I was already doing this would be an added spark for me physically. My guru Carolyn Maul has said that your body easily adapts to the same workouts and that you need to keep mixing it up- thus this effort.

At this point in my journey I feel as though I am now a fat athlete.  As an example last night I did my one hundred air squats, spent thirty minutes on the elliptical, went straight to thirty minutes on the stationary bike and then directly to forty minutes on the treadmill.

Basically this week like every of the previous thirteen weeks I laid it all out for this effort. These days at least Monday through Friday my day consists of:

  • waking up
  • going to work for 11-12 hours
  • coming home and having dinner
  • going to the gym for between 1 ½ to 2 hours or more
  • coming home to shower and then collapse into sleep
  • Repeat cycle at least five time or more

So the point of all of this is that I remain intensely focused on my goals and there isn’t a chance that I’m going to turn back to the old me. My focus is still laser sharp but I do request the indulgence of being pretty seriously pissed today! After adding the Air Squat Challenge, continuing the great dietary habits and exhausting workouts this week I lost just .6 pounds! That’s right- there’s a period in front of the six!

Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%
3 287.2 284.6 2.6 18.4 6.41%
4 284.6 279.4 5.2 23.6 8.29%
5 279.4 276.8 2.6 26.2 9.38%
6 276.8 272 4.8 31 11.20%
7 272 269.8 2.2 33.2 12.21%
8 269.8 266.8 3 36.2 13.42%
9 266.8 266.6 0.2 36.4 13.64%
10 266.6 258 8.6 45 16.88%
11 258 256.6 1.4 46.4 17.98%
12 256.6 253.2 3.4 49.8 19.41%
13 253.2 251 2.2 52 20.54%
14 251 250.4 0.6 52.6 20.96%


God presents us with opportunities and challenges and despite the desires of man we don’t always get what we think that we deserve. There is a reason why this is and I don’t have a clue as to what that reason is. It may be a test to determine my true will and my true desire. To be sure my true will and desire is to continue to do everything that I can to succeed in this process and to stop being the fat man that I was who was full of excuses why it was so.

I am exceedingly thankful for the .6 pounds that I lost last week and for the 52.6 pounds I have lost overall.

The journey continues unabated!



One Response to Desire and Reality in Conflict

  1. wartica says:

    I was there as well, back in the day: getting winded by just walking ten steps up to my room, but not anymore:)

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