If Pounds Were Miles…

If a pound was a mile I would have lost the equivalent of a marathon in the first five weeks of my “Wellness Revolution!” This past week I lost 2.6 pounds for a total of 26.2 pounds lost thus far as listed in the chart below:

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%
3 287.2 284.6 2.6 18.4 6.41%
4 284.6 279.4 5.2 23.6 8.29%
5 279.4 276.8 2.6 26.2 9.38%

While I tied my lowest weekly weight loss to date I could now be happier with it. If you recall in my post last week I was whining and worried about my results this week because Deb and I were going away for a long weekend. As a result all meals for three days would be ordered from a restaurant and that which is becoming routine for me now would be thrown into disarray which I viewed as a big challenge for me.

My weekly point of enlightenment came when Carolyn Maul read the blog and emailed me politely asking me to adjust my attitude.  She said that instead of viewing the upcoming week as being a “challenge” it was better to view it as an “opportunity.” So that’s how I went into the week viewing these circumstances as an opportunity. An opportunity  to demonstrate that I am still in control of my actions, diet and exercise! (By the way- Carolyn has updated her web site – take a look:  http://carolynmaul.com/ )

The biggest “opportunity” I faced was eating out for so many meals. The one thing I discovered quickly was that no matter what type of restaurant we went into at any time of day I would immediately look at the kinds of meals I would have normally ordered. As a result there is no question as to how I became fat! Quite literally there was not a single meal that I would have normally ordered that was within a country mile of being healthy.

The bottom line is that I am in control of the food that enters my body and therefore making sound nutritional choices not just for today but into my future will make me a more fit. As a result I will one day soon be a healthy man free of blood pressure and cholesterol meds.  I know that the weight loss wasn’t huge this week but it was healthy loss.  While I desire big numbers every week I recognize that I got fat over a long period of time and slimming down will indeed take time as well.

The one thing I can tell you is that although I’m still fat I feel much, much better. I have more energy and already I’m able to reach into the dark depths of my closet to start wearing clothes that have been unavailable for wear in a long, long time.

So into the next week I go. I know have a great understanding of what I need to do and the plan is to continue to exercise that plan from this point forward, (pun intended). If any of you are reading this and thinking that you are beyond hope please think again.  Reach out to others for help and support while removing yourself from negative people and negative influences. Be patient and look at every small step in the right direction as being a great blessing and benefit for yourself!


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