I Lost a Turkey!

Today’s post has to be pretty short because my wife and I are heading out of town for the weekend. That in itself will produce numerous challenges for me regarding weight loss in the coming week. I have started to settle into a daily and weekly routine to support “The Wellness Revolution.” Daily routine and patterns have made it easier to eat properly and on a precise schedule. That will be far more difficult this week.

Additionally Sunday is food purchase and food prep day. We go to three separate places to buy the specific food that we need. There is then a time of preparing a lot of our food for the work week ahead. That probably takes at least three hours of time. As we will not be in town on Sunday I have not yet figured out how we will adjust to that. I also have a meeting at church on Tuesday night that will effectively eliminate one night at the gym. I think I’ll call this challenge week!


My weekly attitudinal adjustment came shortly after last week’s post I wasn’t happy about the amount of weight I had lost and I got a supportive email from my trainer Carolyn Maul who runs the Wellness Revolution program through the Nashua Athletic Club. Part of the email talked about setting realistic expectations regarding weekly weight loss. She also talked about the man who she had trained and whom I had read about in the Nashua Telegraph that had lost so much weight in such a short period of time: http://www.telegraphneighbors.com/localnews/966461-147/man-drops-100-pounds-in-6-months.html?CSAuthResp=1234%3A%3A5000%3A257%3A24%3Aapproved%3A748801ABF57441070238AEAD407A5FAA

The quote from her email that resonated with me the most was that he had only been successful at this effort because “…that was him busting ass at the gym 5x week.” I realized that while I was going to the gym on occasion I certainly wasn’t doing it as regularly or with as maximum of an effort as I needed.

This week I worked at being more consistent with that effort and it paid some dividends for me.

I always like to create a visual image for me to help me understand how much weight I have last in either a weekly or effort to date time period. This week I realized that when we host a Thanksgiving dinner I always look for the biggest turkey that I can find- at the least one over twenty pounds. I then picture how heavy that turkey is when I sling it into the shopping cart and now I imagine that being how much less I weigh today vs. before The Wellness Revolution.


Weekly results:

So this week I lost 5.2 pounds for a four week total of 23.6 pounds with a weight loss percentage of 8.29%. I can’t remember the last time the 270’s and I met!  Obviously I’m very happy with that but I am wise enough to know that this was a very good week with a consistent schedule. This week will be different with a lot more challenges so I don’t know what to expect for next week. If I escape next week with a more realistic loss of a couple of pounds I will consider myself blessed!

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%
3 287.2 284.6 2.6 18.4 6.41%
4 284.6 279.4 5.2 23.6 8.29%



2 Responses to I Lost a Turkey!

  1. Candy says:

    I’m proud of you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great job KEEP IT UP!!

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