I am a Habitual Offender

As I’ve progressed into week two of this “Wellness Revolution” through the Nashua Athletic Club I have found this program to be very helpful because it’s emphasis is not just on exercise and nutrition. It also challenges you to look at the causation of why you are in your current state of physical disrepair. The reality is that anyone can diet and lose weight. Anyone can spend a period of time eating in a healthy manner as well. What is far less likely is sustain a person’s ability to sustain any positive results as we will fall back into old habits if we do not address them and rectify them.

I have terrible dietary habits that I have developed over many years. I walk by the candy dish at home and grab a piece. Habit.  Going to the mall means stopping at Dairy Queen. Habit. Supersizing meals. Habit. Going to the movies means popcorn and candy. Habit. Eating out means ordering a beer. Habit. Frankly this list can go on and on but what needs to be addressed is how these habits are impacting my health.

For me this week my great awakening related to habits occurred this past Sunday morning. Our usual habit is to stop at Dunkin Donuts on our way to church. This saves us time and even when we have time we do it now because it is purely instinctive. On the previous Sunday I had just started food logging and had indeed done the Dunkin’s thing. This Sunday I was on board with the healthier eating and we made sure we had time to eat at home before church. Now what flows is math and I hate math but in this case the numbers can make a difference.

Previous Sunday:

My usual intake =’s one glazed donut, one chocolate glazed donut and an orange juice. The total caloric intake per my food logging app was 870 calories!

This past Sunday:

With the new healthier eating mindset I made sure that I had time to prepare out breakfast at home. I made scrambled egg whites with red and yellow peppers. The total caloric intake per my food logging app was 334 calories!

Here’s where the math theory gets complex so try to focus!

The difference in calories between the two weeks was 536 calories.  If  I chose to stop the old Dunkin’s habit and start the new healthier cooking/eating habit then over a fifty-two week period changing that one meal per week would save me 27,872 calories. I’ve searched numerous sites on the web as to how many calories that you have to eat to gain a pound or burn to lose a pound and the general consensus was 3,500 calories.

 Simply changing a single dietary habit over a one year period could produce an eight pound swing in my weight, (7.963428571428571 pounds to be exact!)

So imagine what the possibilities could be if I changed a lot of bad habits and directed them to good. The potential change could be beyond imagine and necessitate a whole new wardrobe!

Math lesson over!

I am a fan of the web and have been using YouTube quite a bit for healthy cooking ideas and methods. I thought I’d share what we made for dinner yesterday. I have to say that it tasted as good as it looked and was much, much lower calorically than what would have been a normal dinner for us.

In the foreground are simple chicken breasts. I coated them with one teaspoon of honey and just a dash of soy sauce before grilling them. In the background are baked sweet potato fries, Deb peels them, partially cooks them in the microwave until they start to get soft. She then slices them, seasons them and rolls them in about one tablespoon of olive oil. They are then baked and they are both delicious and healthy – go figure!

Week 2 Results:

Overall I am pretty happy with the week two results. Of course I always wish that it was more but 6.8 pounds isn’t too shabby. One of the ways I try to quantify my weight loss is to compare it with something else. Imagine yourself going to the grocery store and you have to stoop down to grab a bag of sugar off the bottom shelf. Imagine how heavy that five pound bag feels and then imagine that in three weeks I’ve lost the weight of over three of those bags!

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303 294 9 9 2.97%
2 294 287.2 6.8 15.8 5.37%

So off into week three I go. I am hoping that progress continues and between the exercise and this weeks “whole food cleanse” I’ll have more positive results to report next week!

If anyone has any thoughts, questions please feel free to leave a comment so we can all learn from it!


4 Responses to I am a Habitual Offender

  1. Candy says:


  2. Candy says:

    You should do one more math problem. Figure out how much money you will save by changing this Sunday morning dietary habit. 🙂

    • onemanoneview says:

      Yes- I would save money there but that would be far outweighed, (pun intended), by the ridiculous expense of buying healthy food products vs junky processed food.

  3. Candy says:

    I totally agree with your assessment that healthy food choices are very expensive. But I’m guessing that in the scenario you present, one egg and some pepper slices are much less costly than the DD run.

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