I’m a Big Fat Liar



With week one in the bag I have to confess that what I have discovered early on in this journey is that I am indeed a big fat liar, (double entendre by intent). In the normal course of my life I like to think that I am a very honest man but as it turns out for a couple of years now I have fallen into the trap of lying to myself.

The lie that I have told myself and subsequently convinced myself of is that I am incapable of being healthy. I am incapable of getting off of my ever expanding backside and exercising, eating healthy and losing weight. You see I kept reminding myself of the fact that I’ve had three knee surgeries in two years that have failed me. I’d point out to myself that I have constant pain in that knee and that because of that all hope was lost.  I had never been able to lose weight without exercise so I convinced myself that it was no longer possible. My lies made me give up and to live in a world of excuses getting me to the point the United States Postal Service was considering assigning a zip code to my stomach!

Well as it turns out the truth will set me free. Signing up for “The Wellness Revolution” program at the Nashua Athletic Club has forced me to separate fact from fiction. It has forced me to ask myself if I want to live the rest of my life as a fat man or do I instead want to man up and take personal responsibility for how I look and feel. I’m typing this after coming back from the gym at 10PM because I decided it was important enough for me to cheat on my couch and spend those hours in a place that would benefit me instead of slowly harming me.

When I entered the gym I really wasn’t sure how it would go. As it turns out it was during my time there that it dawned on me that I really had been deceiving myself. It wasn’t my knee that was keeping me from exercising but rather my own laziness and lack of intestinal fortitude. As it turns out I can exercise and in fact I can do far more than I could have imagined that both myself and my evil little knee was capable of. On this first attempt I managed to spend thirty consecutive minutes on the treadmill and immediately transitioned to fifteen minutes on an exercise bike. I was amazingly hot, sweaty and exceedingly happy as a result.

No more lies- no more excuses.

Observations related to the first meeting/class/workout of the Wellness Revolution group:

Deb and I went to the first class and found it to be great. We are in a group of eight people and all appear to be very nice. There are both males and females and all are in varying states of health and needs. The environment is very nonjudgmental and the atmosphere is supportive. Carolyn Maul is the instructor and the first half of the two hour block consisted of a complete explanation of the course, expectations of what the next eight weeks will bring and an excellent dialogue related to nutrition being one of the cornerstones of our overall health. We each have our own prefilled binders with a lot of helpful information, instruction and recipes.

We spent the second half of the time there in the gym for our first taste of physical training. To be frank I hated it beyond words.  Now just because I hated it that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t excellent in nature but that it was personally difficult for me in a number of ways. This effort forced me to see and at the same time put on public display exactly how far I have fallen. A lot of the exercises entailed a certain level of balance and flexibility which I have lost due to my knee problem as well as my overall accumulated blubber. The superman exercise in particular was literally painful for me as it required lying on your stomach and lifting your feet and legs in the air thereby putting immense amounts of pressure on my oversized stomach and causing sharp pain.

The other issue that I had was that there was the need to get up and down from the floor many times over and that is a great limitation for me with the lack of flexibility with my knee. On one occasion when trying to get down on the floor I actually fell thereby speeding up the process of descent considerably!

The reality is I am an ignorant guy and I like to do cardio and lift weights while grunting, sweating and smelling poorly.  The great news overall is Carolyn is there to show us how to exercise with good form and for best overall results. What she shows us and has us do are suggestions but they are not pure mandates of how we must exercise. What is most important is that we do indeed exercise on a regular basis and she is available to help us along the way as needed. If you would like to see the types of exercises we worked on and see Carolyn herself demonstrating them check out the following link:



Getting healthy can be expensive business:

It is a fact that statistically poor people tend to be less healthy and more overweight than people of means. Some of that may relate to lack of nutritional education but much has to do with the sheer expense of being healthy. Good healthy food cost far more than processed packaged food. Health club memberships, special programs like The Wellness Revolution and buying appropriate and necessary items have made my wallet cry out in pain over the last week or two. And this is the same poor wallet that has me sitting on it all day long so it’s already been through enough!

If anyone wonders what $55 of fruit and vegetables looks like then take a look at what landed on my kitchen counter today:


For me going to Walmart used to mean:

This week it meant food storage containers, a heart monitor and sweat towels:

I really have so much more to say about this past week and my overall thoughts about this new chapter but Al Gore only made the internet so big. I’ll draw it to a close for now with the most important information of all…


Week 1 Results

I have decided that I will weigh myself once a week on Saturday. This made sense because it was a Saturday when I had my first physical evaluation for the start of The Wellness Revolution. As has been my history with the blog I will be honest in my postings and will include an ever-expanding chart below that will allow you to see my progress over the weeks.

How I felt I looked at that initial evaluation:

Week #1

303 last week

294 his week

9.0 pounds lost week one

9.0 pounds lost in one week of the program

2.97% overall weight loss in one week

Chart for all weeks listed below:

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 303.0 294.0 9.0 9.0 2.97%


How I feel I look after week one:


Ok- in reality I haven’t changed that much and for me losing nine pounds is but a grain of sand in the Sahara! Please do not be overly impressed with the weight loss because traditionally the easiest and most dramatic week is the first week. While you won’t see a change in me visually at this point I can tell you that psychologically I feel great. That is because after so much procrastination and so many excuses I have decided to once again control that which I can control- and that is my personal actions.

Early on I see The Wellness Revolution as a great vehicle to drive this life change for me but what about you? Again this blog is about both the reader and I. I am confident that with the right level of motivation and desire you too can correct your course and start steaming towards a healthier you! Find the vehicle that works best for you and choose to take your life back a little bit at a time. 



2 Responses to I’m a Big Fat Liar

  1. Janet says:

    Great job. Keep up the good work. I know it isn’t easy.

  2. Jim Casey says:

    Nice job Chet. Keep up the great work, be patient and consistent.

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