My new life as a Wellness Revolutionary!

This blog post may be much longer than most but I do have about three years of stuff to fill you in on!

The blog has been doing amazingly well without me and I am approaching 500,000 hits and average at least 150 hits a day. For me personally I have not been doing as well. It’s basically been three years since I have added a significant post. It you look back through the history of the blog I had done very well and had dropped a lot of weight.  Life- in a fitness sense was going wonderfully. But then… not so much!

For those who don’t know me personally the simple story is that as I got healthier and more fit my previous problems with my left knee put an end to my efforts and my health. Three surgeries and five time on an operating room over a two year period. All that I netted for my efforts was a better parking spot at the mall and a knee that produces constant pain, discomfort and significantly reduced mobility.

The subsequent knee pain and a job that has me sitting in front of a computer for eleven hours a day has resulted in me being larger than ever and in a health sense in a state of disrepair and despair.  I have wanted to get back on the right track for a long time but any previous successes had working out as its cornerstone. How could I possibly be successful when simply walking can be difficult?

Well the answer came in the form of a news story one morning in the Nashua Telegraph. Please feel free to read and you’ll see why my interest was piqued:

I read this story and immediately felt hope starting to come back to me. I had always felt that what I needed most was a personal trainer but frankly who can afford something like that? Being a bit of a cyber-stalker I then did an internet search and found the following site regarding the trainer in the story, Carolyn Maul:

For me the deal was done at this moment- if for no other reason than I felt that I needed to be beaten up and beaten down to get to where I need to be. The last name of Maul told me that this was the trainer for me. defines maul as:

 maul handle or use roughly: 2. to injure by a rough beating, shoving, or the like; bruise.

The program noted in the news article refers to: at the Nashua Athletic Club:

I called and spoke to Carolyn and loved what I heard about the program. It’s not the be all- end all- it’s the start! It’s a way to learn and a way to be accountable. It’s a way to start to have hope again. To quote from their site:  

“Over the course of the eight weeks, we will coach and educate you on the four cornerstones of a successful wellness program – nutrition, exercise, stress management, and personal development.”

One of the early suggestions from Carolyn was to start food logging so I can start to understand where my diet is now and to see the changes we need to make to get it to where it needs to be. She suggested an app called MyFitnessPal that I downloaded to my iPad:

You can use this for free online, via an iPhone of on an iPad. This program is great in that you can search the database for something like “Dunkin Donuts chocolate glazed donut”, (not that I’ve ever eaten one),  and it comes up with caloric and dietary information. It adds the item to your daily total and then you log your physical activities and computes those two numbers to show your daily results. It also charts your progress over time.

The best part of this whole story is that I when I presented this idea to Deb, (my wife), she was not only fully supportive but she wanted to go through the program as well! To be certain Deb isn’t the train wreck that I am but we all have our own weaknesses and she feels that hers relates to nutrition. She doesn’t enjoy trying new food and is leery of some of the healthier foods. For Deb this program offers greater physical fitness but more importantly a nutritional foundation that will hopefully help both of us for years to come.

I knew with certainty that Deb was buying into this effort when Carolyn scheduled us for a personal physical and health assessment at 8:30 AM this past Saturday which was coincidentally Deb’s birthday! I won’t say that I wasn’t the recipient of some growls and dirty looks when I woke her up for that but she still went which made me very proud and increased my hope for our future success.

I’ll spare everyone most of the gory details about my health and physical assessment but I will tell you that at the end of this appointment Carolyn very sincerely stated “I’m glad that you are here” much in the same way that a firemen state “We’re glad we happened to be driving by when we noticed your house was burning down!” I will put it out there that I have set my all-time weight gain record at a ridiculous 303 pounds. That’s right- I weigh two people!

There have always been two primary goals of this blog. The first is to shame myself and to hold myself accountable to the reader every day forward. Consider the public humiliation to have been accomplished in the previous paragraph. The second goal of the blog has been to support others who face similar battles with weight and lack of fitness. Sometimes just knowing that there are others that face the same difficulties that you do may provide you with the spark of hope that I had when I in my epic fatness happened to click on a news article just a few days ago!

So I welcome both you and me to this potentially life changing event. Read because you’re curious, because you’re evil and want to see me fail or read because you too are looking for a change and are looking for the roadmap to get you there. I used to post daily but my current work and life schedule won’t support that these days- but I assure you that I will post regularly. Please look back through the blog from the early days as there is a lot of helpful information related to exercise, recipes and hope. Hope that had been lost for a long time. Hope that is back for me and possibly for you as well.


8 Responses to My new life as a Wellness Revolutionary!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad to have you back!!!

  2. Candy says:

    So glad to have you back. 🙂

  3. Janet says:

    Glad you are back.

  4. Steve Magee says:

    This is a great entry. Thanks Chet.

  5. Bonnie Guevin says:

    Looking forward to watching your results – love this entry, thanks.

  6. Christian says:

    1, 2, 3, 4….Basic training motivation that a wise man once gave me

  7. This gives me much joy !

  8. CHET SR says:

    Dear Son- Our hopes and prayers are with you through this transformation. You ARE and have always been a surivor so just do the best you can and God will take care of the rest.

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