Time to get back on the horse!

Ok- it has been about six months since I last posted to this site and it is time for me to get back on the horse and resume the ride.  A lot has happened in six months that has both elements of very good and very bad.

On the good side is the site itself! It has done very well without me and in the one year since I started it there have been over 200,000 hits. Currently the average daily hit count is 1,000+. Far less to do with my brilliant and inspirational writing and far more to do with the draw of people who like to look at the funny pictures that are posted her.

While that statement is more true than not the site still does get some legitimate readers who, based upon posted comments, do indeed read the content and are motivated enough by that content to either praise me or cuss me out. For your information I do delete the posts with excessive vulgarity!

Continuing with the good are issues related to job, family and general life issues. It does amaze me how I am blessed beyond words.  Every day is a struggle in one manner or another but I face that struggle with great family, friends, Church and job.

The “very bad” side of things is singular in nature. It’s a dirty four letter word called knee- specifically left knee. I won’t bore with the full story but as was posted months ago on this site I started to develop worsening knee pain after I started running in this weight loss effort. The problem was diagnosed and surgery was performed, In my opinion the surgical effort was flawed and now I have been advised that I need full knee replacement.

What that situation has brought about is knee pain that runs from simply bad to sometimes unbearable. The end result is that I haven’t been able to exercise to any real degree and with that I have surrendered back much that I have lost. It’s difficult to accept that because I had been feeling so good physically and had worked so hard – just to have that injury suck my enthusiasm out of this effort.

God does provide though. I have wanted to get back at this weight loss effort but could never quite find the kick in the pants to get moving again. Well this past Sunday Janet kicked me in the pants! We were visiting my brother in-law’s Church in Exeter when my sister introduced me to her friend Janet who was an avid reader of “I’m Way 2 Fat” when I posted regularly. She mentioned that she missed reading the posts and like an idiot I promised her I’d write something this week! So here I am holding to my promise- and thanks to Janet I am ready to resume my walk back to health!

My plan is that next week I will weigh in and post the sad results here just as I had in the past. I never lied in the past and I won’t next week either no matter how ugly it might be! It’s unlikely that I’ll post every day due to time constraints with my new job but I will post at least once a week so I can list my results. If possible I’ll post more.

So if anyone still has an interest in reading about this renewed journey feel free to check in. If you want to join me in the walk back to health please do. If you’re new to the site look through some of the old posts – if nothing else the pictures are entertaining.

Daily fat humor:

You’re so fat when you were in school you sat next to everyone!

You’re so fat you’re on both sides of the family.

You’re so fat your blood type is o-reo

You’re so fat you have to iron your clothes on the freeway

You’re so fat they had to baptize you at sea world


4 Responses to Time to get back on the horse!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you back. Janet

  2. Candy says:

    Oh how fun to wake up to your honesty and humor once again!!!

  3. Tom says:

    I need to join you! Glad to hear you’re back at it so you will have many years to come ….. and many years for me to teach you how to fish.

  4. Tom J says:

    Hello. I just found your blog this morning. I was one of those people who was Googling for a funny picture, and stumbled here. Looks like a fantastic blog…haven’t read all that much of it yet, but enough to know your journey has been way too similar to mine. I plan to go back and read through your days and progress.

    It’s sad to see you haven’t posted now for months. I hope it is simply that you have fallen off the wagon, and will get back on at some point. Good luck to you and your family.

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