Belts Don’t Lie!

Dancing Fat Man

I wanted to post something here quickly that is a bit of a different type of progress report.

The thought came to me as I was in the garage using a hammer and nail to professionally add a new hole to my brown belt. This isn’t the first time that I have had to do that in the fifteen weeks of this effort as I have withered away to being just a fat guy as opposed to the really fat guy I was previously. As I proceed further in this effort I will likely become quite a good leather smith!

So instead of posting just pounds lost or pictures of my shrinking stomach here is another visual aid to measure the progress thus far. My belts!


If you look closely there have now been four holes used on my two belts now with the inches between them being three inches. Three inches doesn’t seem like much of a difference but it feels like a huge difference. In fact it feels like a 42.2 pound difference so far!

So carry on I will- and carry on can you if you need to/choose to as well.

really fat dog


2 Responses to Belts Don’t Lie!

  1. Cheryl says:

    way to go! I enjoy reading the stories it has encouraged me to lose another 15 lb…. thank you from Maryland

  2. Mike says:

    I stumbled onto this site by accident (actually it was a google image search of ‘fat kid ice cream, but never mind that). Just wanted to say good job, and keep up the good work. I very much enjoyed the writing as I skimmed through.

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