Day 81 – Mental Health Check

crazy baby

Today Suzanne, one of my most faithful and earliest supporters, posted the following comment to yesterdays post:

OK, so how are you specifically taking care of yourself today?

You will be walking your daughter down the isle in less than a week … you are in a new job and in the midst of training, not to mention being unable to exercise, in pain so unable to physically relieve the stress?. Any one of these life events would be highly stressful for the normal person. Your BLOG sounds too rosy a picture to me.

In reading that I found it to be a fair question to be posed at this juncture of my efforts at leading a healthier lifestyle. There has to be a balance in life and if one portion of your life is out of kilt then that does indeed pose the possibility of negatively impacting other areas- including a healthier lifestyle.

I do indeed have a lot going on in my life right now including a great deal of change. What I can tell you is that by the grace of God I am incredibly happy and blessed even during this new season of my life.

My daughter is indeed getting married on Sunday and overall the wedding preparations have gone very well- most likely because I have been wise enough to stay out of the way! The whole process has gone so smoothly that the greatest drama was related to melting M&M’s in the wedding favors!

I am the proud Dad of three great kids that I am very proud of and I am married to a saintly woman who is without a doubt my greatest earthly blessing. Deb and I have been together since she was fourteen and I was sixteen. Living with me has certainly entitled her to an E-Z Pass express lane through the gates of Heaven!

I am indeed enduring the pressure and stress of a new position in my company for which I am finishing my fifth week of training. The new job will be a challenge but here’s what is great about that… I hated my old position. I prayed for deliverance from that position and my prayers were answered. I look forward to this new challenge.

As to my aching body including both knees, hip… all I can think is that the older I get the better I was! I’m turning 50 this year and while I have the thought processes of an adolescent I have the body of a man who is indeed turning 50!  As to exercise I will do what my body allows when it allows it and I just need to accept that my weight loss will be slowed as a result- but it will not be stopped!

My efforts at getting healthy have gone very well and I am no less enthusiastic about this effort today than when I started it 81 days ago. I feel so much better and look so much better with more great results to come. Best of all is that along the way I have been able to help others as well, at least in a small way, through this blog and encouraging them towards better health.

The reality is that I am a man of great faith and I thank God every day for how he blesses my life.  To be certain I have indeed had a life full of great trials and sadness- yet God’s mercies to me and my family have far, far, outweighed the challenges that the Lord has placed before me.

So as I round out a long answer to a short question let me say this… I am doing pretty well thank you! I would hope that all of you could be as happy and blessed as I am.

Thank you Suzanne- and everyone else who has been one of those blessings to me in this process.

trust in the Lord


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