Day 80 – 10,000 Hits!

ten thousand

When I started this effort 80 days ago I had imagined that it would simply be a site that would be occasionally visited by a few friends and family members. It was, as you can read in the earliest posts, a feeble attempt to shame myself into weight loss. The site was all about me and honestly I never really expected it to work. Everything else that I had tried in the past had failed so why should I expect otherwise here?

fat baby

To my surprise this time would in fact be different. Instead of receiving the public goading/humiliation that I had expected surprisingly I received support, direction and a true sense of caring by people I knew- and amazingly from complete strangers as well.

Thanks to the efforts of all of you I have not learned how to diet, but rather how to change my lifestyle. No longer do I approach food instinctively but rather I carefully consider it. Nutrition, portions, preparation…. All play a roll in my success to date. Best of all is that I can’t think of a single time in these eighty days that I have felt hungry. If anything I feel like I eat more now than before!

fat man fat frog

As a measurement of the support I have received in this effort today this site reaches the milestone of 10,000 hits. I could have never imagined it. By my calculation that is 273 hits per pound of weight that I have lost. So using my fuzzy math logic I simply need 15,288 more hits to put me under 200 pounds!

To all of you I give you a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

fat kid loves cake

To any of you who are out there thinking that you can’t be successful at weight loss I’m here to tell you that you are wrong! Read the earliest posts on this blog to see how uneducated I was and the wrong approaches I had taken. More importantly focus on the comments left to those posts especially in the early days. Those comments were my roadmap to success and they can be yours too.

fat ape


3 Responses to Day 80 – 10,000 Hits!

  1. Suzanne says:

    OK, so how are you specifically taking care of yourself today?

    You will be walking your daughter down the isle in less than a week … you are in a new job and in the midst of training, not to mention being unable to exercise, in pain so unable to physically relieve the stress?. Any one of these life events would be highly stressful for the normal person. Your BLOG sounds too rosy a picture to me.

    • onemanoneview says:


      I appreciate your comments and look forward to responding in detail. I may even devote a full posting to answering these questions tonight. It’s always good to do a full self-assesment

      Stay tuned….

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