Day 75 – What’s for Dinner?

what is for dinner

My schedule has recently changed and as a result I’m getting home a bit later than I am used to. I’m now getting home either at dinner time or a bit later than dinner time which has decreased my ability to do much with dinner prep time. What I have learned that offsets this are a couple of life changing habits that I have already adopted through my new-found healthy lifestyle:

Having healthy food ingredients available and doing food prep on your day off!

First simply having healthy food available to cook with is extremely important. No matter how long or how quickly you can prepare the meal you will get out of it what you put into it. Sure coming up with a quick recipe is great and it may even taste good but if the ingredients in their individual parts are poor choices the end result will be an unhealthy alternative.

healthy grocery cart

Another integral part of the healthy cooking & eating equation is the advanced food prep. If you can invest the time to slice, dice & package healthy ingredients when it is convenient for you then that will save you a ton of time, (and weight), when you need to prepare a quick dinner. This is simply superior time management for which you will thank yourself for throughout the week.

healthy food prep

Tonight’s dinner as an example:

Tonight I arrive home without a clue as to what to make for dinner. I have always been a bit of a McGiver when it comes to cooking so cookbooks need not be present. My feeling is that if you like the taste of all the ingredients separately then if cooked together in some form it should taste good when combined into a meal.


So I start whipping open the fridge, cabinets… and look to see what’s on hand. I’m seeing the red, green, yellow and orange peppers I had cut up and bagged on Sunday. I see the bagged fresh pineapple left from the two pineapples I cut up on Sunday as well. In the fridge is the chicken breast that had already been trimmed up for cooking. I also come across the cashews that I have bagged up and of course there is the brown rice just begging to be cooked in the rice maker!

With all this being said I throw a good bowl full of the peppers into the microwave for about three minutes to soften them up a bit. Get the rice going in the cooker and simply cube up the already trimmed chicken breast. Just a touch of olive oil in the pan to cook up the chicken, toss in the four colored peppers, a pile of the cut up pineapple, and throw in some cashews. Serve it over the brown rice and in about twenty minute you have a delicious dinner. Pictured below is my masterpiece while still in the pan.


Now should you choose not to plan ahead with healthy shopping choices and dedicated food prep you may find yourself in the market for “The Belly Mobile”:

belly wagon

Always remember that you are responsile for yourself. In order to succeed you must take control of your life not by dieting but rather by adopting healthy lifestyle changes. It’s these changes over a period of time that will help you regain your health for the rest of your life. It is never too late!

fat rodent


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