Is raising a fat kid child abuse?

fat baby 2

As I work towards a healthier lifestyle I become more acutely aware of others who are in need of doing the same. I feel sorry for those who have allowed themselves, like I have, to get very overweight. In most cases this has occurred by their own choice and if they have the will to do so they can change their lives for the better. For the sake of this discussion I’m wondering about children who simply don’t know better? What about children who are simply victims of their environment and the misguided care of their parents?

fat kid cartoon

I have to start this discussion with the standard disclaimer that there may be some kids who are fat because of health issues. At the same time let’s not fool ourselves into believing that this is anything but a very nominal percentage of fat kids!

child fat progression

My concern is for the kid who is fat because his/her parents let them get into that physical condition, Worse yet these kids who have parents that choose not to take corrective actions to get their kids healthy again. It’s not rocket science here- get the kid off the couch, get him/her into sports programs and supply healthy eating options for the kid. Teach the kid about healthy habits and good nutrition and how these things can make their lives so much better!

fat kid at beach

The worst thing for these fat kids is the perpetuation of a fat family tree. The parents choose to be fat and the kids follow in their colossal footsteps carrying on a family tradition! Spend about half an hour at McDonalds, Burger King, any ice cream joint…and watch for the fat family to arrive. It won’t take long to meet them- we all have seen them. At what point do the parents recognize that chicken nuggets, fries and a soda just aren’t working out for the kid?


When, if ever, will these parents look at themselves in the mirror and not want to see their kids in the same predicament years from now. The parents of these kids are setting them up for physical calamity and a youth filled with mockery and shame at the hands of other insensitive kids. DO they really think that their kids like being fat?

fat kid sleeping couch

So here is the question at hand. Is letting your kid become fat a form of child abuse? Should it be? If a parent does other things that risk the health of the child they can face criminal sanction or at least investigation by Child Services- why not in the case of childhood obesity?

fat chinese

I can tell you that I do think that it is abuse. The kid has no choice but to live the life that he is directed to. HE/she is being set up for a lifetime of health problems and emotional distress from which he/she will likely never recover. Is this what parents should choose for their kids? Not in my opinion!

I’m most curious as to the thoughts of others!

fat kid ice cream truck


35 Responses to Is raising a fat kid child abuse?

  1. Fred says:

    Great post as a “big” kid growing up I dealt with it all so helping my kids not suffer the same fate has been a long but worth while effort. Now if I can get back to working out I can join you in the Shrinking game. Keep it up you are doing great

  2. Kylie says:

    NO..It is not child abuse. There is an epidemic of obese children and we need to figure out what is going on, not put blame on the parents. Talking with older relatives, they have told me that they ate junk food when they were growing up too. It’s just that kids were more active then. Scare mongering from the media have made parents afraid to let their children outside to play. It’s not the same world we all knew when we were kids.
    I find it offensive that somebody would even suggest that raising a fat kid is child abuse. If you think that way then before you know it Everything will be a crime. It’s best to focus on your own life..Your own problems and let other people deal with theirs.

    • Juliette says:

      putting your child at risk is abuse… in any form. Yes, in the old days people ate junk food and played outside more BUT not the quantities of today. In the 80’s there wasnt a fast food restaurant at every corner… mom’s actually made dinner. There was no “super size” at Mcdonalds. Kids dont get to obesity from just not playing outside… they get that way because no on is telling them no! If you sat by the pool and watched a child drown, that would be child abuse… same thing as sitting there and watching your child eat to obesity… its just a slower death.

  3. Sharon says:

    I think it absolutely IS child abuse. I’ve always been thin, my whole family is. I thought everyone ate the same way I was taught to until I moved in with some girls during college. It was SHOCKING how much they ate, the portions were huge, they ate late at night, fast food, in front of the TV etc. That’s how their families were, that’s how they were taught to eat. If parents do not teach their children what appropriate portions are how are they going to learn?

  4. Lou Vega says:

    It is a case of child abuse that has gone unnoticed for way too long. I had a neighbor that had an 8 years old son, he was grotesquely overweight for his age, i knew the mother, her idea of feeding the child was fast food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks of cupcakes and chips in between meals. The kid would not eat a meal unless he had soda pop with it. One say i learned about his death at age 9, he had a heart attack in school and collapsed in the hallways of an elementary school! Kids do not know better, they learn by example. Yes we have an obesity problem in the states, but the damn cure is to keep the kids in check and not go crying for an easy solution.

  5. Veronica says:

    What on earth do you mean epidemic?! These children just don’t wake up obese. They have to eat their way there.
    And who is feeding these children?
    The PARENTS.

    “Not the parents fault.” that statement is beyond ignorant.

  6. Sam says:

    It IS absolutely abuse!!! And bravo for posting this. More people should know that their are some of us who care for these kids who are being grossly wronged by their parents, who frankly hate themselves to the point where they don’t care that they are killing themselves and their children. If you want to be fat and ruin your life go ahead but don’t take your kids with you. These kids should be taken from their parents and these parents should be treated like sexual abusers and be jailed!

  7. teaser man says:

    them fat bitches are funny. I Didn’t read any of the writing just looked at the pictures!

  8. jake says:

    well i dont care either way but im fat but idc about it i do sports and shit i jus hate fat people who are fat then complain about being fat then do nothing about it i mean cmon u dont need a wheelchair it isnt a handicap

    • Curious says:

      Is it child abuse to let texting be a person’s sole lesson on grammar? How often these days do we see illiteracy masking otherwise interesting opinions? I think there’s a whole generation of parents who are effectively criminals that have ignored their responsibility to prepare their children for the future.

  9. Anonymous says:

    these children are really fat stop eating.

  10. Hardee says:

    It’s not child abuse. I’m 14, way 150kg and am 145cm tall. yes im fat. but i was never abused, just spoyled i gess. The only abuse i get is from people at school who bully me becase im fat and overwayt.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree as I am the same age and I am fat

    • The Mother You Should Have Had says:

      And what does spoiled mean?

      1. to damage severely or harm (something), especially with reference to its excellence, value, usefulness, etc.
      2. to diminish or impair the quality of; affect detrimentally
      3. to impair, damage, or harm the character or nature of (someone) by unwise treatment, excessive indulgence, etc.

      As parents, we are tasked with meeting the needs – physical, emotional and psychologial – of our children. Failing to provide them with activity, good nutrition and lessons in healthy living is NOT meeting those needs (all three, actually).

      Abuse does not always look like the movies – it can take the form of neglect. Neglect is simply a passive form of abuse.

  11. Abby Jane says:

    I think you are just a fat ass looking to blame mommy or daddy for your lack of control. It is always someone elses fault, my mommy gave me cookies when I skinned my knee, my daddy never taught me to eat right. Wahhhh. Call the Wahmbulance. If you’ll fit.

  12. Hardee says:

    Are you talking about me? Becouse I think you are a rude ignorint whiner.

  13. Abby Jane says:

    No, I was not talking about you, Hardee. I was talking about the blog owner who is dissing on kids (do their parents know you are using their pictures in this way?) and wants the good old government to come in and declare them child abusers. Sounds like s/he is trying to excuse his/her weight issue by pinning the blame on mom and dad.

    I am sorry people bully you, Hardee. Put them in their place and punch ’em out.

  14. In response to some of the posts on here. Its not even a matter of a lack of exercise. It’s the food quality. The food and food preparation practices leave food with little nutritional value and essential fatty acids. When you are feeling hungry, the brain sends neurons from the hypothalamus that controls hunger and thirst, weight gain, and basically feeling that you are full when it receives the essential fatty acids (polyunsaturated fat) The reason why you keep eating and feeling hungry is because the food does not have enough nutritional polyunsaturated fat, therefore your brain tells you to keep eating. If you feed an obese person a different diet, of the same foods but organic, unprocessed or unsaturated with hydrogenated oils, naturally will their appetite decrease dramatically.

    As for weight gain, that is the side effect of eating foods with msg, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup because they have more saturated fats and assets that force your liver to work harder to refine the abnormally large enzymes that make up that food. I did a piece on this, I will post it on my site soon. (soon)

  15. Hardee says:

    That sounds very…sceintifik…
    I just eat everything, dont excersise much. Whatever. Im fat

  16. im way 2 fat 2 says:

    Soo i have a child that is 14 and he ways 215 pounds

  17. Hardee says:

    thats less than me. way less i think

  18. John says:

    I have a 79 year old uncle who is 5’8″ tall and weighs 265 lbs. and has exellent health! The only thing wrong with him is he has 3 molars(teeth) missing. He still works, he gets plenty of exercise, and he is a happy positive person with a good sense of humor. He does watch his diet, he just eats more. Instead of eating one apple he’ll eat 2 or 3. I know other healthy happy fat people too. Please don’t unjustly condemn all fat people! And slimness doesn’t buy happiness!!

  19. not_fat_kid says:

    I’m am fourteen years old and am not fat at all. but i do agree that letting your kids get obese can be a form of child abuse. I have a friend who is super sensitive about his weight, he plays rugby, he plays hockey, he swims A LOT, he plays lacrosse, and he is still super fat. the reason? his parents feed him and his brothers so much that no matter how much exercise he does he cant lose weight. He is easily twice as active as me and weighs about 50 pounds more solely because of the unhealthy and largely portioned diet which he is fed. i feel really bad for him because he doesn’t want to be fat, he works hard not to be, but because of what his parents cook for supper every night he still gains weight. No parent would let their kid smoke because it can shorten their life by many many years, so why do parents feed their kids so much that they become obese, which can shorten someones life just as much?

  20. HB2421 says:

    Hi, I’m doing my senior project on whether or not obese children and teenagers are victims of child abuse. I was just wondering if I could use any of these photos you published for my project. and if so, could you give me the citation for them (aka who to give credit for them). Thanks!

  21. im way 2 fat 2 says:

    my 15 year old child who is 5ft 11in weighs 194 pounds

  22. ur2fat says:

    I think the fact that half of you can’t spell speaks louder about your parent’s ability to parent than the size of your ass does. Not teaching children proper nutrition, eating and exercise habits is poor parenting. If you have a four year old who is 100lbs, yes, you are abusing them

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because someone cant spell doesnt mean they are stupid and there parents didnt teach them well… i studied hard for all the spelling tests i took in elementary school, never passed one…. im now in high school and take college corses and have a 90 average. x.x i dont mean to snap at you, but some people are quite sensitive about it and they really have no control over it

  23. jessica colunga says:

    i l0VE fAt PE0PlE : ) !

  24. Anonymous says:

    generally the parents are fat too, sometimes it is genetic and sometimes it just the food, but a lot of the time its both, so… i think people should make an effort to eat more healthy and natural, and it doesnt come easy to those who lived there life eating crap. it also doesnt help that most food has alot of chemicals, cornsurp and crap in it… it would help if companies didnt do that…

  25. billpage says:

    theese are all good info important ideas:) ps i pray that kid got saved and his whole family tree ps again i hated being skinny you could see my ribs and i hatted all the skinny jokes see there two sides of this story and my paremts tried there best to put fat weight on me cause my pants kept falling down onme nothing fit right they and our cool reaitves said billpage needs to put on some weight even my school nurse told my parens that billpage is way under weight he needs to eat more like most childred spoosed to do and my parns said bill a fnicky eater plus hes got a very fast mtabalisum and he would rather go out side and play then eat but he does watch alot of televsion shows ps fast forward to the year 2012 im now fat and happy:) inChrist allways fat billpage illusionist magician in fun pss look up in groups in google search engines bill page gets fat look up jelbel300 look up bill page and friends get fat look up david seth kotkin copperfield gets fat and in youtube search engines look up jelbel300 look up ropeline suv look up billpage look up soildier2010 ps my sister stacey smith said it best bill there is nothing wrong being skinny or fat its all about being healthy

  26. I do consider all the ideas you’ve presented in your post. They are really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for beginners. Could you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  27. David A says:

    Yes absolutely it’s child abuse!

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