Day 72 – Before and During Pics


February 24th


May 9th

I am alive, I am well and I’m still working every day to live a healthier- skinnier life!

As it’s been a while since I have posted I figured that the sentence above is a clear, succinct update to where I am right now in this life changing weight loss process. As I had mentioned in a recent post my life is just extremely busy right now but I am striving to post more regularly.

cow belly tattoo

One bit of good feedback that I have received recently was that if I am busy I should just simply post even a few words to journal my process and progress without the need for pictures, humor…. I think that the advice was great and does indeed point out a flaw in myself. I can be rather anal and if I post I want it to be well thought out and constructed with applicable pictures and as much humor as possible. I should indeed settle for simpler posts if it keeps me updating regularly.

As I’ve always said my greatest thrill and motivation resulting from this blog is hearing how it has helped others work towards a healthier life too! I am in a five week training class for my new position at work and there are two people in that class that have learned of this site. Both- like I- need to be healthier and at least partially as a result of this site both have taken steps to get healthier. I applaud both of them and I am proud of each of them as well… you know who you are!

I have an experience to relate from that training class that may be helpful for all those trying to get healthier. I am in a new building with almost entirely new people who didn’t know me when I was rolling around at 292.6 pounds vs. my near anorexic 257.1 pounds of today! The other day I had someone in the class cut a fat joke on me. It was actually even a quite mild joke and not meant to be malicious but it did illustrate to me that I am still fat- just less so than I was.

beer on belly

This is a reality that all big people need to prepare themselves for as they get healthier. You will feel much better very quickly in the process and your personal self-esteem will grow. Despite this we never need to lose site of the fact that we need to keep going. I have lost a lot of weight but I am still unhealthy- just less so. Keep the progress going and when you face a fat joke- even after all of your work to date- laugh as well. Laugh because you know your accomplishments. Laugh because you aren’t as insensitive as the other person..Most of all laugh because maybe- just maybe, that will be the last fat joke you never need to endure.

T0 that end I have decided to post a progress pictures above. One was taken when I started this journey on February 24th and the other was taken today, May 9th. As you see I am still fat- just less so! I still need to carry on in this effort because what you see above is not a “before and after” picture. What you see above is a “before and during” picture.  I assure you with absolute certainty that there will indeed be an “after picture” at some point.

Whether you find yourself at the “before”, “during” or “after” phase know that you can do it. I am a weak minded, not so bright, rather lazy but amazingly good looking man. If I can succeed so can you! Take the walk with me for you need not do it alone!

really fat cat


2 Responses to Day 72 – Before and During Pics

  1. M Wojcicki says:

    When you turn sideways it’s like you disappear!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Habits can work for us or against us. You have given up a set of eating habits which were counter-productive and learning new ones which will work for your benefit … now during these busy weeks why not apply this to your posting habits.

    Have you planned your food for the Rehersal Dinner and Wedding Reception? By now you know the menu. Tell the Wedding Planner / Restaurant Wedding Coordinator and he/she will not only inform the Chef of your needs but also the waite-staff. Remember, all Chefs are use to Vegetarian and/or Gluten-Free etc. requests.

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