Day 64- Gravity Bites!


I have been really lax in my postings as of late for a number of reasons- some of which are valid and some of which are lame.


Life has just been really busy! My daughter’s wedding is just over three weeks away and I have been spending a lot of time simply trying to stay out of the way and/or hiding if appropriate! The Invasion of Normandy did not see this much planning involved!

Work- I have started a five week training program for a new position at my job. I am very happy with the new position but the schedule is more traditional than my last one so it tends to provide less free time to post.


I have been getting too many blog hits! I know that bloggers try for as many hits as they can but that hasn’t been the purpose of this blog. I’d rather have less hits by people who are truly interested in the content as well as in changing to a healthy lifestyle. I usually averaged about 70 – 80 hits a day which I was pleased with. There were good interactions and discussions and I felt that I had a “pulse” for the readers- if that makes sense.

I’m not sure how it all works but about eleven days ago this site got very popular in the Google search engine and I have since been getting well over 200 hits per day with a high on one day of 280 hits! The hit count for this site is about to exceed 6,000 hits in the two months it has been up. The problem is that now I have no sense of who is looking at this site out of true interest and whether it’s currently of true help or use to anyone.


Ever since hurting my knee I have been really lame about exercise, (pun intended). Recognizing that I had to get back to it yesterday I went out and did a very fast paced 2.3 mile walk. It was a great experience as I felt great exercising again, the weather was perfect and the songs on my iPod were great. I went to bed feeling really good about the whole experience… and then I woke up! I woke up in the middle of the night and my knee that had been pain free for a couple of weeks was killing me once again!

I got up in the morning and gimped around feeling pretty sorry for myself. I got into my car to go to work and after driving about a mile I realized that I forgot my cell phone at home. To a normal person that wouldn’t be an issue but for me I would have gone crazy without it all day. I bang a U-turn and race back home to get the darned thing. Now this is going to put me close to being late for work so speed is of the essence. I hit the front door and the intention was to run up the stairs. The intention was never to fall up the stairs. Want to guess which I did?

About half way up in this impressive ascension I misstep and do a total belly flop up the stairs. Now remember- this is a blog about a fat guy so the belly flop should be more dramatic in your mind! In the process of the flop I manage to twist the previously mentioned already severely painful knee! I am proud to say that at that moment I did not utter a single curse word- mostly because I was too busy screaming like a little girl!


So about twenty minutes later I’m entering the training room at work with my cell phone and without any personal dignity!


So I make it through the work day and I’m looking forward to dinner because it’s red meat night!  In a highly coordinated effort Deb went and bought some steaks for the grill while I went and got a refilled propane tank for the grill. I came home and baked a couple of potatoes, zapped a couple of the steam fresh vegetables and threw the steaks on the grill. The day was finally turning around for me. Wrong!

The reality is that I’m not that bright and can be distracted by something as simple as a piece of lint! In this case tonight it wasn’t lint but rather the computer that distracted me while the steaks grilled. And grilled. And grilled! Below take a gander at my dinner. Red meat night turned into black meat night!


So with all of this being said this just wasn’t my day. My knee is painful and my pride is bruised but tomorrow is another day- as long as I don’t fall out of bed tonight!

I do hope that all is well with the regular readers if you are still out there. Hopefully there is still a pulse to this site and it hasn’t flat lined. To all of you transient Googlers welcome. To all of you fat Googlers stay, read and learn! Maybe you can lessen the physical band width that you take up!



7 Responses to Day 64- Gravity Bites!

  1. Candy says:

    My family has a tradition of laughing at people who fall down; it’s not being mean, it’s just a nervous way of dealing with an awful situation. SO – you fell up the stairs – hahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Cheryl says:

    We regular readers are still out here! lol, we all have bad days like that. You’ve got to take care of that knee. Just three weeks until your daughter’s wedding, you’ll be hobbling walking the bride down the isle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope you’re not looking for any sympathy from me…I’ve seen you fall up the stairs a million times among other things…… how many people fall in their own ice fishing hole?!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    How did I become anonymous?

  5. Suzanne says:

    Slow down! Keep it simple! You have major change going on in your life … lifestyle / wedding / new job / BLOG …


    The lack of daily “postings” to your BLOG, the fall, the burnt steaks are clear signs that you are heading for disaster.

    WE don’t care if you POST just one sentence and zero pictures! Just keep your journaling! The wedding will come and go but is your goal really a healthy lifestyle? Only you know that. Park your car at the back of ALL parking lots and if you can walk around the parking lot during part of your lunch break great.
    DO NOT SKIP MEALS OR SNACKS. The planning and preparing are keeping you centered and on track.

    Change is the only constant … This is life … it’s how we DEAL WITH CHANGE without using food for comfort. Do you have a “quiet time” as part of your daily routine for prayer or meditation? Put one in NOW!

    Hey, I’m not perfect and neither are you. Thank God each day is a new day with a clean slate!

  6. Cheryl O'Halloran says:

    Regular readers are still here and routing for your success.

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