Day 58 – Drooping Drawers


A blessing and a curse related to the success I’ve had so far relates to clothes. While I’m not quite up to the extreme difference ion clothes size like Jared from Subway it can sometimes feel that way. I have gotten to the point with my jeans where it could get me charged with public indecency if I’m not careful.


The other day Deb and I were walking through the mall and despite having my belt tightened as far as it would go I had to hike my pants up every few steps. As soon as we got home we had to go into the garage and use a hammer and nail to add another notch to the belt.

Be certain that I am not complaining because it feels great and it’s an affirmation that a big change is underway. The problem becomes the time between fat and skinny. I am not a rich man so I can’t simply buy a new wardrobe every twenty pounds. I also had to deal with ordering the tux for my daughter’s wedding. One fear is that, (hopefully), another month from now I will have lost enough further pounds to make the tux oversized.


The bottom line is that this is a curse that I am willing to bear up against. I suppose that ill fitting clothes are only a bad thing if they are too tight. Too loose is acceptable as long as it doesn’t get so bad that the question relative to boxers or briefs can be answered!

Daily Fat Man Humor:


Daily Dietary Intake:

7am – 12 grain toast with natural peanut butter

10:00 – Cashews

12:00 – Baked chicken breast diced up with pickles and low fat mayonnaise.

3:00 – Banana

6:30 – Baked chicken breast with brown rice

9:00 I treated myself to a Skinny Cow 150 calorie ice cream treat



4 Responses to Day 58 – Drooping Drawers

  1. Chris R says:

    I just discovered your blog, and as another fat guy losing I’m glad to see your success.

    I’m a bit bigger (460), but working my way down.

    Best of luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    One horrible vision comes to mind……..PLUMBERS CRACK

  3. Cheryl says:

    Droopy pants, gotta love it, lol

  4. Anonymous says:


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