Week Eight – I’m Way 2 Fat results!


Week #8

265.4 last week

260.0  this week

5.4  pounds lost week eight

32.6 pounds lost in eight weeks

11.14 % overall weight loss in eight weeks

Chart for all weeks listed below:

Last This Pounds Lost Total % Weight
Week Week Week This Week Pounds Lost Loss to Date
1 292.6 280.8 11.8 11.8 4.03%
2 280.8 276.8 4 15.8 5.40%
3 276.8 273.2 3.6 19.4 6.63%
4 273.2 270.4 2.8 22.2 7.59%
5 270.4 267.6 2.8 25 8.54%
6 267.6 266.6 1 26 8.89%
7 266.6 265.4 1.2 27.2 9.30%
8 265.4 260 5.4 32.6 11.14%

Holy crap! I can’t believe it but I don’t think I’m happy with losing this much weight in one week. I actually got on and off the scale three times to check the weight because I didn’t believe it! I don’t know why I did so well this week because there was nothing unique to this week, I still haven’t been doing much about exercise due to my knees, schedule and natural procrastination. What made this week different?

I have to admit that I gave consideration to posting a lower weight loss on this site for this week. My thought was that if this was a fluke then it wouldn’t be so bad for next week. Worst thing that would happen would be that I’d spot myself a couple of pounds for next week! I couldn’t get myself to do it though because this site is a truthful documentation of my journey towards health. If next week shows me plus five pounds then so be it!

Thank all of you for your continued support and please, please allow yourselves the joy of getting healthier yourselves!



4 Responses to Week Eight – I’m Way 2 Fat results!

  1. Jason D says:


  2. Suzanne says:

    Thumbs Up! High Five!

  3. Queen Donkey says:


  4. al says:

    your belly is beautiful and cuddyly looking. mmm

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