Day 54 – Why Eat a Dead Man’s Food?


Today as I was driving by a local Burger King I saw three adults walking in at the same time and the commonality between the three was how very large they were. Regular fast food breeds regular fat people and that’s a shame. It also caused me to realize that it as been at least 54 days since I last savaged a Whopper, Big Mac, KFC Extra Crispy Chicken, Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich….


I have to say that I really don’t miss that kind of food at all.  I would even venture a guess that if I ate some of that stuff now it would likely make me feel sick as I’m not used to it anymore. Fast food is exactly that- it’s fast!. Beyond that there are no redeeming qualities to it.


Eating healthy is definitely more work and it is not, for the most part, fast. There is planning required and with a weekly period of prep work you can set yourself up for speedier healthier snacks and meals throughout the week. This leads back to the same old point which is that you need to take responsibility of yourself for yourself!


Look- why would you want to eat at a place where the spokesman is a creepy clown who hangs out with a burglar? How about spokespeople  like an equally creepy king, juvenile pig tailed red head or an old fat white guy with a goatee who also happens to be very, very dead!


Tonight I experimented with yet another healthy chicken option for dinner. I marinated some cubes of trimmed chicken breast in a Chinese ginger marinade and then skewered the chicken up with red peppers, green peppers, tomatoes and fresh pineapple. Below is what it looked like before cooking.


I had the grill pre-heating and imagine my surprise when I went out to the grill with the above dish only to discover that the propane had run out! Plan B kicked in and I ended up broiling these and they came out great, (as seen below), when served with brown rice.


Things have been very, very busy for me over the last few days as my daughter’s wedding approaches, (next month), and as I prepare for a new position that I start in my company tomorrow. I hope to be able to post more consistently starting in the next day or two as some of this dust settles.

I hope that you are all well and most of all I hope that you’re walking on a healthier past these days!



3 Responses to Day 54 – Why Eat a Dead Man’s Food?

  1. Cheryl says:

    haha, I use to be guilty (before my new lifestyle change) of ordering a large fries, BigMac and diet coke. It always made me feel better by putting a diet coke on the order. That was the old days. I can’t remember the last time I ate at Micky D’s.

  2. jason says:

    That was also me but then i was told i was over weight and started eating healthy the last time i ate any fast food was almost 6 years ago and now i feel happy about my self…….. Keep eating healthy and live a long time

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