Day 52- When Camels Cry


Being fat bears with it embarrassing moments that should be, but frequently aren’t motivation for change. Any portly person can think back to innumerable occasions where they wish they could just dig a hole and crawl into it in order to hide.


I know for me a couple of years ago I was going on an amusement park ride with my family that had one of those bars that comes down over your head and locks in between your legs.  Well of course my 12 pack abs interfered with the ability to have the bar lock. The kid running the ride was nice about it and escorted me to another seat that was designed to hold those of considerable size. Embarrassing? Yes! Was that enough for me to change at that time? No!

Life sends people messages and we have to be smart enough to see hear these messages. Unless out ear lobes have gotten so fat that they smother our ear drums then there’s no excuse for us not to seek change!  As evidence of this I am posting a link I found online of such a horrifyingly embarrassing moment for a rather large woman. Apparently on vacation with other tourists they are all taking camel rides. Her poor camel cries and collapses under her weight. Worst yet listen to all the other people openly laughing at her!

If that wasn’t motivation for her to change I don’t know what would be- yet who am I to judge? I don’t ever recall making a camel cry but how many other embarrassing moments have I endured without changing for the better? How many more will you choose to endure before you choose to change?

The bottom line is that only we can make ourselves change to a healthier lifestyle. What is your moment for change? Why not just make the decision today? Not for any other reason than for yourself. Allow yourself to get to the point where how good you are starting to feel is far more pleasurable than any dietary decadence that has driven you up to this point.


Fat Man Joke of the Day:

I’m so fat that when I walked by the whale tank at Sea World the whales’  started singing “We are Family.”


Dietary intake today:

4am – GoLean cereal with  kiwi and strawberries.

7:00 – Low sodium deli turkey breast slices as is.

9:00 – Green grapes

11:30 – The cubed baked chicken mixed with pickles and low fat mayo

3:00 – Cashews

6:00 – Friday Date Night! For those that don’t know about date night in my household feel free to come up to speed with this post from my OneManOneView blog: ]

We had Chinese Food and I think I mentioned it here before but a great healthy choice is steamed chicken and broccoli with brown rice. Usually when I would eat Chinese food I would come away from it feeling terrible afterwards. Not so with this menu option- it is great! Just another example of looking at menus with a new eye towards healthy options!



4 Responses to Day 52- When Camels Cry

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yes indeed … looking at the menu … AND DON’T FORGET, if you don’t see a healthy option, speak up and take care of yourself by requesting what you need! Maybe it’s no MSG.

  2. Cheryl O'Halloran says:

    Chet, There is a story in the insert in this week’s Journal on what to order when you are on a diet and eating out. Best of luck. I am inspired by you.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I get all the extras on the side. I dip my fork in the salad dressing, sour cream or whatever it may be and then fork up a large amount of salad. I end up only using a teaspoon of dressing for a salad. I also tell them not to salt my baked potato as most places do.

  4. kini says:

    The line in the old German fat-man cartoon translated:

    freight elevator for grave cases

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