Day 50 – Ramblings of a Fat Man


As a bit of good news I’d like to follow-up to my post “Day 46 – Why Hire Fat People”:

As it turns out I was offered one of the available positions that I interviewed for. I start that new position this coming Monday and I’m very excited about that. So as it turns out my effervescent personality and striking good looks were able to overcome my gargantuan stature!


Recently I’ve had a number of people ask me what kind of diet I am on.  What I like to say- and what is true- is that I am not on a diet at all which I think will lead to my long term success. To me associating yourself with a specific diet type indicates some sort of end game when there is no such thing for a fat person.

If you start “Diet X” then when do you finish it? If you use that method to lose weight how will you maintain that loss if/when you are successful and resume your normally scheduled life? I’d rather focus on permanent life changes that resolve in rethinking my diet, exercise and even rethinking my thinking! With such a mindset there is no endgame- the changes you put in place will last a lifetime. Of course this is just my opinion and your mileage may vary

I do have to say that over the last few days I’ve received feedback from a number of people regarding this sit e and how it has incentivized them to make healthier decisions for themselves. I have to say that hearing that causes me as much joy, if not more, than my own successes thus far. If you are reading this and are on the fence about making a healthy change in your life fear not- for you are not alone!

Lastly I’m looking for your input. For a period of time people were sharing healthy food tips and recipes in the comment section of this blog. I’d love to see that continue for all of our sakes. If you have a food tip or recipe fell free to reply to this post or any post. As I detail below a simple tip from Dave regarding a lunchtime option is great and is one more thing that lends itself to a healthy dietary variety that will stave off not just hunger but culinary boredom as well.


I did spend some time in the garage working with the free weights. I will be interesting to see how my knee responds to that as I incorporated some lunges in the effort. I did feel better right afterward and I’m already feeling a change. I had my wife snap a picture of me when I was done. I’ll ley uoi be the judge!


Fat man jokes of the day:

I’m so fat that I went to the zoo and the elephants stated throwing peanuts to me!

I’m so fat that when I dance I make the band skip!


Dietary intake today:

4 am- GoLean cereal with strawberries

7am- Reduced sodium deli turkey slices

9:30 – Green grapes

12:00 – Lunch… my new favorite lunch thanks to the suggestion from Dave.  Chicken breast baked as is then cubed up. I then dice up some pickles and combine it all with a little low fat mayonnaise and mix I all together. A small portion of this along with some fresh strawberries and it’;s a taste bud extravaganza.

2:00 – Cashews

6:30 – For dinner I had some grilled chicken breast over whole wheat angel hair pasta.



7 Responses to Day 50 – Ramblings of a Fat Man

  1. Suzanne says:

    Kudos Chet … the lifestyle change and new job! See, you ARE doing it! You knew you would and could.

  2. Cheryl O'Halloran says:

    Good luck on the new job. That chicken sandwich sounds good. I think I will try it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    the baby is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fat

  4. You might want to consider the food regime (similarish to yours) called phase one diet. it isnt really a diet but it gives you the essential nutrition so that you feel and look better. There are hard facts to back this and obviously are covered up or overlooked by medical industry, whereas some do share it. read and share knowledge and be aware for yourself.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hi my name is biilly bob and i like playing ping pong lol “] bye

  6. Bridget says:

    I just stumbled across this blog while sitting at my desk in New Zealand sending smart arse emails to a friend – I googled “fat man eating baked beans” and a picture off your blog came up ANYWHO, what on earth is this “7am- Reduced sodium deli turkey slices”?? Processed meats (processed foods in general) simply aren’t good for you. At all. Go fresh my friend, fresh and natural!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    that is funny lolololol

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