Day 48 – We’re All A Bunch of Losers


A few days ago I posted asking for reader opinions about the future of this “I’m Way 2 Fat” blogging effort. As I stated then I did not want to find myself blathering everyday about my daily weight loss efforts- simply for the sake of my own self benefit. I have learned a great deal from this effort and I am working my way back towards health but I didn’t want this to be just about me.


My hope from the start was that my efforts might inspire others to walk the walk with me. I had hoped that the great advice that I received for myself would not be wasted upon me alone- but rather that others might be swept up in the desire to change to a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight is hard work and takes a long time and I was hoping for a little company on that journey.


As a result of that post I received numerous responses from folks who have chosen to make a healthy change in their lives since reading this blog. This effort runs from the casual and occasional reader who simply adopts a few dietary tips right up to full fledged efforts like my own.  One of the replies that touched me the most was from Cheryl who is a regular reader. Cheryl wrote:

I have struggled with weight ever since my 50th birthday. Most days are good and I fight the good fight to keep the fat from going to my mid section. Getting old sucks. This weekend I just fell off the wagon, I ate like I was in my 20’s again and quite frankly now I feel disgusted with myself. You name it, I most likely ate it in the past 4 days. So I got on the scale and have gained 8 lb! That’s 2 freakin pounds a day. I have to admit there are days I just feel like throwing in the towel. This weekend may have been the end if it had not been for your blog. I thought to myself, Chet’s doing this and doesn’t act like a cry baby. So thanks to you, I’m back on track. If this blog is taking up too much of your time, you can cut back to a few days per week or once a week but whatever you do, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t stop blogging.

Cheryl would seem to indicate that my efforts and the writing of this blog on a daily basis are of great help to her. I would say in turn that knowing that Cheryl and all the others who are choosing to lead healthier lives are a serving as a great inspiration to me as well. Because of this I will continue to post daily. I will do so not for me, not for you- but rather for us.

We got fat individually- let’s get healthy together!



6 Responses to Day 48 – We’re All A Bunch of Losers

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