Day 47 – The Easter Bunny Must Die!


I don’t want to be unkind here or disturb those who are sympathetic to silly traditions such as old Peter Cotton Tail… but I suppose I will anyway!

Exactly what is up with this ridiculous character and tradition that we are raised with and pass on to our children? In this age of obesity we choose to embrace a ridiculous rabbit that brings us things to eat that will eventually kill us.

Marshmallow chickens…


chocolate rabbits…


jelly beans…!!!


How about those disgusting Cadbury Cream Eggs that look like they are filled with sugary phlegm?


Best of all is the Easter Bunny chooses to deliver these goods when? In the morning! Why wait until later in the day to start indulging in high calorie- low nutritional foods?


So today I tried to break the misguided rabbit cycle. I wanted to get my wife an Easter Basket as in years past but stocking it with the normal fare was unconscionable to me. The basket itself was normal looking. I even filled it with the fake grass stuff that we are all used to. What was different was I filled it with healthy things like sugarless gum, individual serving sugarless drink packets and even a couple of bananas! That’s right- I put bananas in my wife’s Easter Basket. Do you have a problem with that?

Well- upon receipt of the aforementioned healthy Easter Basket Deb tried to put on a good face but I could tell that this idea went over like a fart in church!


What is clear to me is that changing over to a healthier lifestyle does not allow for holiday exceptions! Don’t do what the evil bunny tells you to do. Dump the goods from the basket right now as it is the food of the fat devil. If the Easter Bunny really loved you there would have been bananas in your basket- just ask my wife. Right Deb? Deb…?



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