Day 44 – I Need Your Opinion and Fat Super Heros!


Ok- as I am posting at day #44 I am caused to wonder not about my weight loss effort but rather about this blog’s daily value.

When I first considered starting this blog I was looking to learn about blogging and how this whole process works.  At that time I had someone explain- in a rather unflattering way what he thought about blogs and those who write them as follows:

“Blogs are where the blogger farts, smells his own fart and then tells the world what the fart smelled like.”

I don’t want to be that guy! There have been over 2,700 hits to this blog in a little over six weeks. I’m averaging about fifty hits a day with some higher spikes but I don’t want to start to bore people with this content.

This blog has certainly helped me greatly but I don’t want to continue to post everyday just for the sake of posting. One option that I have been considering is posting once a week at weigh-in time or if any other significant event happens in the interim. It is not my intent to cease what I am doing working towards this healthier lifestyle The question just stands as to the value of daily posts for both me and my readers.

So this is America dang it! I’ll leave it to you to vote for the future of this blog.

Daily posts, weekly posts or should I just shut the heck up all together? Is there other content or suggestions you have for this blog moving forward? I assure you I will not take the responses personally.

You may reply to this post directly or email me directly @ if you prefer to respond in that manner.

No matter what- I am losing weight and getting healthier- how about you?




6 Responses to Day 44 – I Need Your Opinion and Fat Super Heros!

  1. Suzanne says:

    You should definately continue your daily BLOG.

    This is Journaling. It is VERY crucial, especially at this time when you are shedding dribs and drabs, here and there.

    You are far from the end. You are just now beginning your journey, the newness has worn off.

    You aren’t doing this BLOG for us, you are doing it for you.

    Reread why you asked for our help.

  2. christian says:

    What the hell would I read in the field if you stopped blogging every day

  3. Cheryl says:

    Oh NO, don’t you give up blogging now buddy. I’m way to invested in your health and this blog!!

  4. Cheryl says:

    I have struggled with weight ever since my 50th birthday. Most days are good and I fight the good fight to keep the fat from going to my mid section. Getting old sucks. This weekend I just fell off the wagon, I ate like I was in my 20’s again and quite frankly now I feel disgusted with myself. You name it, I most likely ate it in the past 4 days. So I got on the scale and have gained 8 lb! That’s 2 freakin pounds a day. I have to admit there are days I just feel like throwing in the towel. This weekend may have been the end if it had not been for your blog. I thought to myself, Chet’s doing this and doesn’t act like a cry baby. So thanks to you, I’m back on track. If this blog is taking up too much of your time, you can cut back to a few days per week or once a week but whatever you do, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t stop blogging.

  5. I basically was losing slimming capsule to ensure I failed to get each of the illnesses my mother has (hypothyroidism staying considered one of the issues). I am just starting off meds this week and hopefully it will help with the symptoms!

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