Day 43 – Are You Trying to Kill Me?


I received a great deal of support and suggestions based upon my bum knee. I think that it was Jason who brought up the virtues of swimming as an excellent low impact exercise option. At least a couple others have chimed in to validate that notion.


I too have heard this but I must tell you that water and I do not mix! As a child my parents sent me to the YMCA for swimming lessons for three years and I stayed “a minnow” for all of that time. Around the water my nick name is Rock! I also had a bad experience once at the ocean. I fell asleep on the beach and awoke to kind hearted people throwing water on me while the Coast Guard was trying to tow me back into the surf!


Add to all of this the visual cruelty you would subject any pool occupants to as I strut up to the pool in my brand new baby blue Speedo! For the sake of humanity please don’t suggest such a thing again. Relegate me to the closed and dreary confines of my garage to lift dumbbells or skip rope- better the foundation suffer than the eyes of the beholder!


Fat Man Joke of the Day, (daily double):

I don’t want to say I’m fat but when I sit around the house I really do!


Dietary Intake today:

4:00 – GoLean Cereal with blue berries and strawberries

7:15 – Two slices of reduced sodium deli turkey breast

10:30 – Green grapes

1:00 – As I had mentioned before I was finally getting tired of the plain chicken beast option for lunch. As always I received great feedback on this site and took a suggestion from Dave and added a bit of my own twist to it. I used the same cooked chicken breast but diced it up and added some low fat mayonnaise and some diced up pickles to the mix. I ate that as is and it was delicious! I should be good for lunch for a few more weeks now.

3:30 – Almonds

6:30 – For dinner I experimented a bit and it turned out pretty well. I had some leftover cooked chicken breast which I shredded up a bit. I then added that with four colors of steamed peppers and a little past sauce. I served that over some whole grain elbow pasta and once again it was great. Best of it was quick and easy- see photo below:


I want to thank all of you for checking in on me. I hope that all is well with all of you and look forward to any comments or input that you have for me- as long as it doesn’t involve swimming! 🙂



22 Responses to Day 43 – Are You Trying to Kill Me?

  1. Jason D says:

    You could always wear a one piece. 🙂

  2. Carina H says:

    LOL! nice

  3. fgbzfdgbhfd says:


  4. sdfvsdf says:


  5. TerroristOsama says:

    😆 😈 ;(

  6. katrina says:

    i fell bad for all the dog that are that fat


    lol those people and dog are way tooo fat 🙂

  8. janet says:

    what a poor dog who ever owns that dog should be killed !!! if no-one takes care of that dog i sure will have it i already got 8 dogs and i take good care of them . so hand it over and i will treat i properly because you sertainly dont !!!!

  9. janet says:

    poor doggie woggy !!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    you go janett i think your absolutley correct oh by the way do you have any of those 8 dogs of yours for sale if you do please contact me at …
    i would love 2 have 2 of them (big dogs though (rottwilers if u have them ) thankyou

  11. jed ward says:

    well done janett i love you , you single cuz im lookin 4 some one who is young

  12. janet says:

    well im sorry to burst your bubble jed ward but im 82 years old and im wrinkerly oh and i got a husband (3 of them actually i havent divorsed them yet ) wen i do u will be first in line x

  13. jed ward says:

    yh baby i will be waiting for you (im 28 i like older women) oh and i live at 112 charnel rd bristol ) love ya see you soon wen you divorce your 3 husbands XXXX

  14. susan boyle says:

    i dream a dream from time form time
    i can not belive i came second in britains got talant i had a totaly different look (jed ward im waiting 4 u 2 )i live in falts in manchester no.3 )

  15. susan boyle says:

    farlin drove

  16. jed ward says:

    love you janet

  17. janet says:

    heyy jedward its me janet

  18. janet poole says:

    peace out suckers

  19. jls says:

    every body in love go put your hands up !!!

  20. jerry says:

    janett i cant belive you are thinking about divorceing me (one of your 3 husbands and goin for a 28 year old )

  21. grrrrrrrrrr says:


  22. Anonymous says:


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