Day 41 – The Battle of Wounded Knee


No- I’m not referring to the infamous battle of 1890 – but rather the battle of 2009.   I have not been able to exercise for a week now because of pain in my left knee. I am a man and as such I hate the fuss of doctors and things related so I have been trying to walk it off thinking it would take care of itself. That attitude proves that denial is not just a river in Egypt!.


Well today reality finally set in and I decided to get it checked. My orthopedist is Dr. Wolf in Nashua. I love him because he’s an old school- no frills kind of guy. His office staff is great too especially when I call t 4PM asking if I can be seen that same day! Forty-five minutes later I am in being examined and having X-rays taken.

The short of it is that I am old!


Now more than ever it is clear that the older I get the better I was! There are two likely scenarios in play. The X-rays show some arthritis in the knee. It is possible that my running has caused all of that to become greatly inflamed thus the pain. The second possibility is that I actually tore something up in the knee.

The plan is for me to spend a week taking some strong anti-inflammatory old people arthritis kind of medicine. If it is indeed arthritis this should have me feeling great in a few days. If after a week I am still in pain it’s time for a cat-scan to see if I tore anything. Frankly I don’t know how having a cat look at my knee helps but I trust my doctor, (insert cymbal crash here)!


I am likely in deep, deep trouble with the weigh-in tomorrow as I haven’t done any meaningful exercise in a week. I don’t think that the diet alone is going to carry me six weeks into this effort. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised but lack of exercise without having had a single “plateau week” yet puts me in Jeopardy.

Fat Man Joke of the Day:

Continuing with the doctor theme daily double:

A man goes to his doctor for an appointment.

The Doctor tells the man “you’re fat.”

The fat guy says “I want a second opinion.”

The Doctor responds “You’re ugly too!”


Today’s dietary intake:

It seems that I went a little light on eating today without even noticing!

9:30 – Scrambled egg whites with four different colored peppers and some tomato thrown in as well.

12:00 – two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast

3:45 – Green grapes


6:30 – Baked chicken breast that was marinated in a light Italian dressing. Brown rice and steamed fresh green beans.

I do thank all of you for checking in on the site again today! As always I would encourage you to adopt some of these changes if you need to better your health. Even with becoming a temporary cripple I don’t regret it a bit and feel so much better already!



5 Responses to Day 41 – The Battle of Wounded Knee

  1. Cheryl says:

    Don’t worry, you won’t be in deep trouble for the weigh-in. You’ll lose weight because you’re eating properly. The weight loss slows down to around half pound to a pound a week without exercise but it’s still doable. And sometimes medications interfere and can cause a gain or loss. Either way, keep in mind your big goal and remember the arthritis inflammation is only temporary.

  2. Jason D says:

    Like Cheryl said, your eating plan is the number one priority and most important for getting results. That said, I would suggest hitting the weights as much as possible. Arguably, this can provide you with the same or better benefits for fat loss as the cardio you were doing. If you’ve got dumbbells you can hit your whole upper body with DB presses, rows, curls, overhead extensions, etc. Also, I was wondering if you have any access to a swimming pool such as the YMCA? That would be another good way to burn calories.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Wow, great advice Jason. Swimming is an excellent idea and wouldn’t put stress on the joints. The same with using dumbbells.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chet, I agree, swimming is a great idea. ;>)

  5. Ganeshan says:

    Swimming will help a lot. Start slowly – one or two laps on Day 1 and gradually increase to 40 to 100 laps per day. I am not kidding – I have gone from 12.5 meters (sic) on Day 1 to 112 laps – all within six months. Now I do at least 40 laps (1 km) every day at least 5 times a week. My weight dropped from 80kg to 72 kg and I feel a lot healthier and happier. Good luck.

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