Day 40 – Shopping & Food Prep Day


Today was shopping day and food prep day. As I was at the check-out line I was impressed with how much has changed from how our conveyor belt looked a few weeks ago compared to now. All of the items on the belt were healthy items without a cookie or ice cream contained to be found. I was so impressed I took out my cell phone camera and took a picture which drew strange looks from the checkout girl!


At home it was time for he weekly food prep. It is definitely a pain in the backside to do this but it ensures that I don’t have to do this daily when my schedule is so much busier. I figured I’d snap a few pictures to show you some of that effort.



I cut up four different types of peppers and put them in one big storage bag. Throughout the week I can eat them plain, cooked in egg whites, add to pasta or any number of other things.


All fruit is cleaned and bagged separately so in the morning it’s quick to throw into the feed bag.


Fresh vegetables are cut up and put in storage bags so they are ready to be steamed when needed.


Chicken breast are trimmed and bagged separately to be ready for use as needed.


There’s actually even more than all of this but this is all I’ll bore you with at this time! Bottom line is that to be successful during the week dedicate the effort in advance on you day off.

Fat Man Joke of the Day:


A really, really fat man got out of the shower at the health club. A second man said, “Gee, you’re fat!”

The fat man said, “Yeah.”

The second man asked, “How long’s it been since you’ve seen your feet?”

The fat man answered, “Long time.”

The second man asked, “Why don’t you diet?”

The fat man asks, “Why? What color are they now?”

Dietary Intake Today:

9:30 – Scrambled egg whites with Red Hot!

1:00 – Chicken Ceasar Salad

3:00 – Almonds

5:00 – Deb is getting sick of chicken so we decided to pick up a pork roast. We also had a side of red potatoes with garlic and an Asian steamed vegetable medley. I have come to find that pork bores me. Despite being marinated it still seems bland to me.


8:30 – I was totally reckless and indulged in a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich. Only 140 calories and they are actually really good! Despite this I would still only snack on these on rare occasions because it’s still 140 calories than I should have at that hour of the day. For full nutritional info see:



2 Responses to Day 40 – Shopping & Food Prep Day

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