Day 39 – Ridiculously Dressed Fat People


As a fat person it is important not to be delusional. It is vital that you know you are fat and to, amongst other things, dress appropriately! I have not taken my shirt off in public in years and do you know why? Because I know that I am fat! I don’t want to cause people to have nightmares or unexpectedly lose their lunch at the sight of me! If I wear a shirt that is not tucked in I wear a t-shirt underneath so that I don’t expose my 24-pack ab’s to the world.


Regrettably not all fat people either care- or recognize their girth! We have all seen them out and about. These are fat people that wear completely inappropriate clothing that either fails to caver enough acreage, is exceedingly tight or overly colorful making them look like a circus clown.


I am often caused to wonder if these people lack both mirrors and friends that can alert them to their fashion nonsense.


So I beg all of you- when you are asked for fashion advice by someone who says “does this make me look fat?” Please, please, please say yes if it does. Do it for them and do it for us- please?


Fat Joke of the Day:

I’m so fat that once a month they push me through the Lincoln Tunnel to clean it!


Dietary intake for the day:

4am – GoLean Crunch with blue berries.

7am – Two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast and green grapes

10am – Cashews

12:00 – Single serving packs of Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables – one each of the brussels sprouts and corn. Strawberries.

6pm- I had some grilled chicken with brown rice.



25 Responses to Day 39 – Ridiculously Dressed Fat People

  1. JasonD says:

    You crack me up man. How are those knees holding up for ya?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re starting to remind me of Richard Simmons………I know you’re dying to be able to wear those little tights…

  4. courtneyy says:

    this is funny but… mean alot of people are fat. im fat well i think im fat im 12 nd i wiegh 102 so… all my friends thnk im skinny but i disagree! lmaoo soo the frist girl got a bad muffin top lke wtf!

  5. okay courtney says:

    your weird courtney, you arent “fat” you are slim okay so stop conforming to societys standards that “the slimmer, the better”

    I say the healthier, the better!

  6. Anonymous says:

    you what hove sex

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. melissa says:

    i just ate a entire pizza

  9. Anonymous says:

    You people STOP EATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. emily says:

    u shouldn’t say ur ganna shot the dog that’z rude

  11. Alisha says:

    I ate a whole pizza to myself and i’m not fat.
    I just have a really fast metabolism 🙂

  12. bobby says:

    hey i start off every day with 3 large pepperoni pizzas 1 3 liter bottle of rootbeer and 2 apple pies im over 480 lbs whats it to ya

  13. Chris says:

    Seriously…WTF! Why do you people think you look hot FAT?!? It is very unhealthy and most certain not attractive! Yeah you say you have a bf or a gf, but they only think you are attractive because they’re self-esteem is low. SO…GET A GYM MEMBERSHIP AND WORK OUT! NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE!

  14. Ted says:

    Not everyone one can help it. There are 3 body types, for those that are Endomorphs it’s hard from them to not put weight on. Yes a gym would help but obease people tend to have a low esteem. You bunch ain’t helping :P.

    I’m an Ectomorph which means I’m tall and thin and find it difficult to put weight on u.u

  15. Sarah says:

    while it can be non-attractive to look at some of these obese people. your not helping them lose weight by calling them fat and telling them not to eat. having a few extra pounds is not a bad thing, but if your 480 pounds, not only can it affect your life style but can harm you mentally. though i do think having a few more pounds isnt always a bad thing. i say more cushion for the pushin!

  16. TaMS says:

    i’m just here to say i’m somewhat fat but im tall so all my friends say im not but you’ll never no i mean i could weigh 600 (not really im like 119 and im 13) and people would say im not fat that are my friends well you no what its not the phat ppls fault sureall us normal or thin ppl are making fun of them but if u were them and no matter how much u tried u couldnt take any pounds off then how would u feel (most likely you’d have a pretty low-esteem) and get depressed and when ur depressed u eat more so stop making fun of fat ppl goud!!!!

  17. yomomma fucked yodaddy says:

    that dude looks like hes pregnant

  18. Kane says:

    i personally think that fat ppl should all either lose weight or stand on train tracks and close their eyes…

  19. sarah and heather says:

    i think all ov you look ewwwww and like go to a gym man,ur putting me off ma dinner man,all ov u are fatty fatty boom booms,is your father fat bastard????(from austin powers)

  20. m.hj says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    The fact that two attention seeking conformist little girls left posts, and not one of these people who left a comment can spell or type properly says it all.

    Maybe instead of focusing on appearance and things to keep the general public easily controlled, they could send some of these illiterate wankstains (including the original postee) back to school.

  22. steviek says:

    well you guys are all hella rude.. i mean how would you fill if you were fat and people made fun of you.. i really used to make fun of alot of fat people and i look back now and wish i didnt because they are just like us no matter how much they may or may not weight.. so before you want to make fun of someone you dont know take a good long look in the mirror. how do you guys know that they dont try? you guy talk shit about them and they read it and just want to make them eat because you hurt there fillings. all im saying is to be nice this is not how god would want the world.. thank about it

  23. mini says:

    why don’t ya do foxes!

  24. Anonymous says:

    wow thats all i can say!

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