Day 38 – A Fowl Thought


Those that know me know that I love birds. I have had over fifty birds at once but now sadly am just down to just three. As I was sitting in front of the computer tonight I was watching Spencer, my African Gray, eating. It suddenly occurred to me that Spencer, and all birds for that matter, are perfect examples of healthy eaters.

Birds eat all day long! They eat small portions of healthy food many times during the day just like we should. They only drink water and they exercise every chance that you give them. As a result you would be hard pressed to think of a fat bird! Ok- penguins have a bit of a belly but it’s just too darned cold for them to exercise where they live!


Ok- this may indeed be a bird brained idea but until I’m light as a feather I figured I’d just wing it because writing it was a real tweet for me.


Fat Joke of the Day- Daily Double:

I’m so fat that people have to take a train and two buses just to get on my good side.


Dietary intake for the day:

4:00 – GoLean Cereal with Kiwi and Blueberries. Yes- I know- I was a bit out of control using two types of fruit in my cereal but that’s just the way I am. l am an extreme cereal eater who is always prepared to push the envelope for that next great 4AM cereal adventure.

7:00 – two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast

8:00 – Green grapes

9:20 – red grapes

12:00 – Two pieces of cooked chicken breast as is with strawberries. For the very first time I am finding myself growing weary of the whole “two pieces of cooked chicken breast” option. I think that next week for work I need to come up with another option. Suggestions anyone?

2:30 – fresh pineapple

6:00 – My wife had a meeting to attend so I was left all alone for dinner… so sad indeed. On the way home I stopped at the cheap Chinese restaurant take-out place. Instead of the normal bad food I would get at a place like this I went with steamed chicken and vegetables. I was actually pretty good for getting it from a cheap place!

I hope that you are all well and thank you very much for stopping by and sharing in my journey!

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2 Responses to Day 38 – A Fowl Thought

  1. Dave says:

    Perhaps you could chop the chicken breast and mix it with some fresh tomatoe chunks and some light Italian dressing. Or mix it with some light mayo and some seasoning for a chicken salad.

    I haven’t followed your diet every single day, but you should think about throwing some tuna fish in there. Low calories, very low carbs, and lots of protien and oils… very good for you.

    • onemanoneview says:


      Excellent suggestions- thanks. I just got back from grocery shopping and picked up the stuff I need to prepare the chicken in that way. I also bought some smaller sized plastic containers that will allow me to fit this in my feed bag!


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