Day 37 – A Chicken Lives…


Day 37 – A Chicken Lives…

A chicken lives to see another day because this was “once a week red meat day!” As Much as I love chicken I do love cow as well. As I think of it further there aren’t too many animal that could walk past my plate without being in some level of danger! As this was red meat day I did have a lean steak cooked on the grill. Deb was thrilled as for the first time there wasn’t chicken or brown rice anywhere near her.

I did make a baked potato which prior to this effort might have included copious amounts of butter, sour cream, butter, cheese or all of the above. Let me share something that I have started doing to wean myself from such poor habits. I microwave an individual serving package of corn. I then cut up the potato and pour the corn over it as is. I find that the natural sweetness of the corn allows me to eat the potato without all of those extra calories.

Imagine if I could permanently make that change in my eating habits. How many potential calories could I eliminate in a year? Add the myriad of other small changes I am making in my eating habits and how many more calories and how many additional pounds are avoided every year.


More and more I see that this is what this effort is about. True dieting and exercise are important indeed but what would seem to be most important would be the retaining of the mind in how to think about eating! Eventually these new habits shout become naturally intuitive and that is when long term success will likely be achieved. I would ask all of you to try and adopt just one healthy change and stick with it until it becomes instinctive- then move on to the next, and the next, and the next… a year from now we can reconvene and compare results!


New Feature… Fat Joke of the Day:

“I’m so fat that I’ve got more Chins than a Hong Kong phone book”.


Today’s Dietary intake:

4:00 – 12 grain toast with natural peanut butter

7:00 – two slices of low sodium turkey breast

9:15 – Green grapes

12:00 – Two pieces of cooked chicken breast as is with strawberries.

2:00 – Red grapes

6:00 – The aforementioned grilled steak, baked potato and steamed corn.



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