Week Five – I’m Way 2 Fat results!


Week Five – I’m Way 2 Fat results!

Week five resulted in a weight loss of 2.8 pounds. The progress to date as well as my comments are listed below:

Week #1

292.6 start

280.8 week one weigh in

11.8 pounds lost week one

4% overall body weight

Week #2

280.8 last week

276.8 this week

4 pounds lost week two

15.8 pounds lost in two weeks

5.4 % overall weight loss in two weeks

Ending weight 276.8

Week #3

276.8 last week

273.2 this week

3.6 pounds lost week three

19.4 pounds lost in three weeks

6.6 % overall weight loss in three weeks

Ending weight 273.2

Week #4

273.2 last week

270.4 this week

2.8 pounds lost week four

22.2 pounds lost in four weeks

7.6 % overall weight loss in four weeks

Ending weight 270.4

Week #5

270.4 last week

267.6 this week

2.8 pounds lost week five

25 pounds lost in five weeks

8.5 % overall weight loss in five weeks

Ending weight: 267.6

Strange: Same exact weight loss as last week down to the tenth of a pound!

Milestones: 25 pounds lost to date and I have broken into the 260’s for the first time in a long, long time!

Well I really don’t know what to say about these results. I’m obviously happy that I have lost more weight and have done so every week of this effort. This logically points to the successful methods of weight loss that I have adopted with the help and support of all of the kind visitors to this site.

Most important to note is that there hasn’t been a single time over these five weeks when I have been hungry. I am eating healthy food at more regular intervals. I am also not beyond eating a regular meal or two during the week depending upon schedule and/or social need.

Despite all of that I am a ridiculously impatient person. I want to see big results every week even though logic dictates that this isn’t possible- at least in a safe manner that ensures long term success.

Last week when I was whining in a similar manner my sister told me to go to the supermarket and look at a one pound package of hamburger then imagine that in one week I lost nearly the equivalent of three of those packages in body fat. I’ll also rest upon the image of five five-pound bags of sugar strapped to my body to remind me of how much heavier I was five weeks ago!

Bottom line is this… this is working and it’s working well. I have no intention of stopping this effort and will continue until I am where I need to be weight and health-wise. Even after that I won’t surrender the healthy eating lifestyle for fear of back sliding.

If you are out there and wondering if you can successfully partake in a similar effort I assure you that you indeed can! It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose twenty pounds or one hundred twenty pounds- you can do it!



4 Responses to Week Five – I’m Way 2 Fat results!

  1. Loved the post!! You are doing very very good!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    good job! you gave me a great idea in order to lose weight…make a website! every time i try a new diet i end up just giving up and eating whatever i want. if i make a website people can see my results and ill be forced to continue!

  3. NonaIrNa says:

    its really a big WOW when i read this and find out that you lose 25 pounds in 5 weeks. how can u do that?
    i am also on diet now, actually i already lost 28 pounds but i need 6 weeks for that.
    hopefully all of us could achieve the best result.
    GOOD luck 😉

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