Day 35 – More Like the Bug than the Windshield


Some days you’re the bug and some days you’re the windshield. Today I am a bit buggish so I’ll keep this brief.

Thankfully I love chicken because it is now a staple of my diet.


The problem is that not everyone in my home has as much of a desire to eat a flock of chickens a week. Rumor is that someone might be getting sick of it. Due to this I am always trying to change up the recipes to keep mealtime different.

Today I decided to make Chicken Fajitas which was a first for me.


The bulk of the ingredients are actually good for you including the chicken, three different colors of peppers and onions. This is especially so if you pre-steam the vegetables and then cook them with the chicken in a frying pan with Pam Olive Oil. There are even whole grain flour tortillas that you can opt for if you so choose. Of course you bring the warm and fuzzy dietary feeling down a notch if you choose to throw in cheese and refried beans.

I have to say that these were really very, very good.


I hope that you are well and thanks for stopping by!



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