Day 34 – Cutting Hair Without Alcohol


First of all the picture above is in no way related to this post. It’s just that I stumbled upon it in my daily picture search and it made me smile- so I had to share it!


Today’s big victory was that I made it through cutting Tom’s hair without drinking Jack Daniels or beer! For years I have been cutting my buddies hair in the garage and the ingestion of spirits during the event is a time honored tradition. For those who haven’t been reading this blog for long on March 10th I confessed to drinking alcohol the last time I cut Tom’s hair. See:

While both Tom and I got beat up pretty bad as a result of that post and today we swore it would be different. By different I mean that I didn’t drink but Tom did! What was good for Tom is that we didn’t have a repeat of a tragic haircut that occurred a few years ago. We documented that problem with a photo which I am placing below. I have obscured part of Tom’s face not for his protection but for yours! I did take the liberty of adding a booger to his nose – but he deserves it!


Dietary intake today:

10:30 – GoLean Cereal with fruit

1:00 – Leftover Chicken Cacciatore from yesterday’s dinner

4:00 – Almonds

7:00 – Ok- I tried something different today. When I went shopping I picked up Turkey Cutlets. I breaded them and baked them and am posting a picture below. I served a baked potato and an individual steam-fresh bag of corn. I have to say that I wasn’t too impressed. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. It just isn’t something that I could see me doing again. I have seen recipes for Turkey Kabobs that I might try sometime though.


Tomorrow is weigh-in day and as always I am feeling a bit of trepidation ahead of that. Monday nights always have me wondering what I could have done better the previous week. I’m also expecting that bad week that will likely pop up on occasion.

As always I wish you well and thank you for dropping in to check out my progress.



2 Responses to Day 34 – Cutting Hair Without Alcohol

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to drink when you cut my hair to kill the pain. Butcher. I can attest that Chester drank no alcohol and no longer has anymore either. ;>)

  2. how to lose weight fast

    Day 34 – Cutting Hair Without Alcohol | I’m Way 2 Fat

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