The “I’m Way 2 Fat” Diet Tip of the Day


For liquid intake I primarily only drink water or black coffee. I have never really had a sweet tooth as I would always opt for a cheese burger over a piece of pie but I was never beyond eating both!

What I tend to miss the most is the bad habit of having a big snack at night while watching TV. On nights when this is really bad I have found something that makes me feel like I’m cheating having a sweet snack yet only surrendering 10 calories in the process.

Propel Fit Powder


Maybe it’s because I only drink plain water or black coffee but this stuff tastes really great! It is purely psychological I’m sure but having a glass of water with this powder mixed in make me feel like I am splurging. I don’t know what chemicals are in it or how many lab rats it may be prone to killing but right now it works great for me!


Your mileage may vary.


2 Responses to The “I’m Way 2 Fat” Diet Tip of the Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is a funny pic

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