Day 33 – Days Off are Killing Me


At the least days off are frustrating me in terms of a healthy eating plan! Today, Sunday, was a perfect example of this. After an out of control night of bingo on the previous evening Deb and I overslept in the morning. As we get up and rush around trying to get the day under way we find that it’s after noon time before I get my first meal into me.


Come around three o’clock I’m in a panic because it feels like it’s almost dinner time- which is my last meal of the day! I eat quickly at that time and before you know it is indeed dinner time and I eat a great meal- but this only works out to eating three times in the day. This compared to seven times in a normal work schedule day!

I suppose that the lesson to be learned here is that I have to remember to put eating first. Even while running around I should have at least grabbed a baggie of fruit or a handful of almonds to get the day started.

My left knee has been very sore since my last run which while being expected is still concerning to me. As the pain hasn’t gotten any better or any worse over the last three days I may try to run through it tomorrow and see what happens.


Dietary intake:

12:30 – I had a blue berry pancake. Pure decadence indeed! For the first time in my lifetime I ate a pancake without butter and only used a sparse bit of syrup. It actually wasn’t bas in that manner. To me this just indicates that we simply need to recondition our eating habits from what we have always considered the norm. I did turn down an offer of bacon that was mere inches from me. That was exceedingly difficult and I may have spent a moment or two softly weeping!


3:00 – Egg whites with red, yellow and green peppers on dry 12 grain toast.

6:00 – I have made this twice now- I suppose it’s Chicken Cacciatore but as is my nature I didn’t use a recipe I just winged it. I just cook some chicken breast pieces in a frying pan with Pam. I steam red, green and yellow peppers and mix them in with the chicken. I then use a little pasta sauce and serve over whole wheat pasta and it tastes great! I am including a picture I took of it while it was still in the frying pan.


Well 22 days are in the books and I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to any feedback you may have.



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