Day 32 – Shower Day and Bingo Madness!


One of the keys to success in this diet and exercise program is putting yourself on a regular schedule and planning ahead. Despite the best laid plans sometimes life overpowers those efforts. Today, (Saturday), was one of those days. Today was the bridal shower of my beautiful daughter Nicole. To see pictures of that event feel free to view them on my other site at:

So the day started off normal enough as I did go into work and as you’ll see below the eating schedule was pretty normal up until lunch. After that I left work early and helped with the clean-up and related mule work during the post-shower activities.

Shortly after the shower we were then scheduled to go and play Bingo at a large facility in Nashua with some friends and coworkers of my wife. That’s right- I said Bingo! The upside to going there was that I now feel very, very young! The median age was about 113 and those folks take that game way, way to seriously!


I was unaware previously but apparently old folks have taken to forming gangs and violence is not uncommon- especially if you yell Bingo when you don’t have it! Apparently the blue hair gang is noted as being the worst and if someone with green tinted hair pushes their walker through their bingo table area then violence could occur- it just “Depends.”


I was standing in line to get my bingo cards and I had one old guy actually shove me because I was in his way and an old lady yelled at me telling me to stop blocking the aisle. I was very scared. At one point I used the men’s room and couldn’t believe the line for the handicapped stall. I made the mistake of cracking a joke about it and some guy pinned me in the corner with his wheel chair while two dudes with walkers used their ‘Daubers” to tag my head with their gang sign! It was humiliating! I am posting a photo below but I have obscured my identity for fear of retribution!


All of the above is mostly true- I swear!


Food intake for the day:

4am – GoLean Cereal with blue berries

7am – Red grapes

8:30 – Banana

12:00 – Lunch. Individual Birds Eye steamed Brussels sprouts and corn, green grapes and cashews

4:30 – Due to the shower and with no other options available I had to eat “normal food.”  I wasn’t happy but it was better than risking Bongo Hall Food! A small dish of Swedish Meat Balls, pineapple and potato salad. Evil food- but it did taste good! Probably not too bad if taken on rare occasions in moderation such as this.

I hope that all is well with all of you. As always I appreciate your support!



2 Responses to Day 32 – Shower Day and Bingo Madness!

  1. linda says:

    I love the bingo pictures, where did you find them?
    The entire day was awesome, but I think the picture of you is the best of all!!! I love the writing, keep it up, it is a pleasure to read!

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