Day 31 – Varying Degradations of Fatness


Today I walk/ran. I have been choosing to do that every other day to allow my knees to recover. I am amazed that each day the effort is getting better with far more running than walking. I used to love to run and I am starting to get that feeling back again.


What is nice lately is that I am having more and more people take note of the fact that I am obviously losing weight. I also feel much, much better and I too can see that I’ve lost a lot of weight. By weigh-in on Tuesday I will have likely lost over 25 pounds. Despite all that, without a doubt, I am still “Way 2 Fat!”

That fact is a sad indicator of just how big I had let myself become. Being that big makes even large weight gains appear to be but a grain of sand in the Sahara! I can lose another 25 pounds after this and the average person looking at me will still see me as being fat. To those who know me I will simply be less fat.

Despite that reality I do look forward to a day when I lose the “fat” descriptor and turn it in for something better like “chunky!” I will not be deterred!


Again- I don’t want to preach here but I would encourage all of you who need to make healthier choices. It can and does make a difference in how you feel and how you look!


Food intake today:

4:00 – 12 Grain oat with reduced fat peanut butter

7:15 – Green grapes and two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast

9:20 – Cashews

11:30 – Two small pieces o grilled chicken breast and strawberries.

2:00 – Pineapple

6:30 – Date night! Splurged with red meat, corn and a potato.

One thing that is nice- and cheaper too is no longer ordering as a matter of course a crock of French onion soup as a starter. I wonder how many calories and sodium I save just with that small change. I swear that the waitress was trying to sabotage me as she threw a bowl of popcorn in front of me that I didn’t order. I just shoved it aside and refused to partake. Normally I would have inhaled that- so again- a smaller change that over the course of time will work to my benefit



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