Day 30 – Eating on the fly – or not!


Some days present special challenges an today was one of them. I found out last night that both of my parents were in the hospital. They live about three hours away from where I live. I decided to go and see them today so I went into work at 5AM and asked for four hours vacation time later in the day.

I left work before noon and made the three hour trip there and got to spend ½ hour with each of them before turning around and making the three hour trip back home. Due to this exercise today was limited to flexing my right foot on the accelerator. When that made me breath heavy I put the cruise control until I could go back to using my foot again! For upper body I changed the radio stations frequently! I as going to cut a hole in the floor of the car and use it Fred Flintstone Style but Deb would have gotten really mad!


What this driving exercise did point out to me is the lack of viable dining options while on the run like this. Prior to this effort the natural choice would have been a “heart attack in a sack” from McDonalds. I actually wanted to eat on the run but take a McDonalds is the food of the devil right now! I think that one meal such as that could eliminate days of positive effort.


Ronald McDonald should be locked up for manslaughter! He doesn’t deal crack but the French fries that he deals are highly addictive and can lead to death!


I am curious to hear from you folks as to healthy options while on a mission like this? Salads aren’t possible while driving so what else is there. For me I just chose to hold off until I made it home. I ate later than I wanted but at least I was in control of what I ate.

Food intake today:

4:00 – GoLean Cereal and Strawberries

7:00 – Green grapes and two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast

9:20 – Cashews

12:00 – In the car west bound- two small pieces o grilled chicken breast, red grapes and almonds.

2:30 – In the car west bound – Strawberries

4:15 – In the car east bound – pineapple

7:30 – Red and green peppers scrambled in egg whites over dry 12 grain toast.


I hope that all of you are well and look forward to your input about eating on the run.



2 Responses to Day 30 – Eating on the fly – or not!

  1. Laurie Hoshauer says:

    I am not sure of the specifics of your dietary requirements, but my mom was dianosed with diabetes a few years ago and purchased a book (which she got for each of us) called the Calorie Fat and Carbohydrate Counter – you can see the website at
    The book lists all types of foods in the front and provides you with the calories, fats and carbs for each, BUT more importantly in the back of the book it list restaurants and fast food places along with their foods and their counts. I know you don’t want to make a habit of eating out, but this book can help you make the best choice when you NEED to eat out. Through a change in eating habits (and some exercise) my mom has managed to lose about 70 pounds!
    Hope this info is helpful.
    God Bless,

  2. Katie says:

    Subway is pretty good. Or you can stop at a grocery store and get a little deli meat and some cut up fruits and veggies from the salad bar.

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