Day 29 – Fat Little Guy on My Shoulder


Today was a great day for me in terms of exercise. Not so much in that I did indeed exercise but that I was able to overcome that fat little guy on my left shoulder who is good at talking me out of it!

I came home from work with the expectation of doing the run/walk. I hadn’t done that in a couple of days because my left knee had made it clear that some time off was in order. I made the mistake of coming inside and sitting in front of the computer- I should have never sat down!

Next thing I know that little guy is whispering in my ear, He’s saying “you got five hours of sleep last night. Forget exercise today and take a well deserved nap,” Oh how good a nap would be indeed!


I almost fell for it for the temptation was great! Despite that I went to put my sweats on and found they were in the laundry hamper. As only a guy could do I pulled them back out figuring they’re not going to smell much worse shortly!


I walk out the front door with my iPod in hand and am about to start running when I see that the iPod isn’t working! From my left ear I hear “you can’t run without the iPod- that’s your distraction from the awfulness that is exercise!” I had to agree with the little guy and came back inside to see if I could get the iPod working- which I could not. “Nap’s back on” I hear!


But here’s the news of the day… I ignored the voice and went out for the run/walk anyway. I knew that what I wanted more than a nap was to get healthy. Rest is fun- but so is living a long life. This effort is about making choices and today was a day where I chose good choices over bad.

He best part is I was rewarded with a good run/walk. I increased the amount I was able to run throughout the route and took five minutes off my normal time. For the first time I believe I ran more than I walked and I felt terrible- and great all at the same time when it was over. I was beet reed, sweating like a hog and breathing like an anonymous phone caller but it was all good. Today I slapped down that fat little guy on my left shoulder!

Food intake today:

4am – GoLean Cereal and strawberries

7am – Red grapes and two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast

9:20 – Cashews

12:00 – Two small pieces of grilled chicken breast, green grapes and strawberries

2:15 – Pineapple

5:35 – Fresh grilled vegetables with a little bit of stir fry meat.

To all of you- I appreciate your support. If I knew you weren’t checking in on me the fat little guy on my left shoulder might have won today!



One Response to Day 29 – Fat Little Guy on My Shoulder

  1. Janni says:

    Goood job for hanging in thier~!!!!!

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