Day 28 – Preparing the Feed Bag


Tuesday’s are the last of my days off every week so I’m usually busy trying to catch up on things I should have done on the other days off. About the only thing I like about getting back to work is the regular eating schedule. In preparation for tomorrow I already have my “feed bag” on the counter. I’ve also separated out my baggies of food that I will take with me in the morning. I have a plastic block of something that is in my freezer that I throw into the feed bag and it keeps things cold all day.

I bring with me as much of a variety as I can so I have different choices based upon what I feel like at the time. I certainly wont eat everything but here’s what’s going in the bag in the morning:

  • Red Grapes
  • Green Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Banana
  • Pineapple
  • Pecans
  • Cashews
  • Peeled tangelo
  • Two slices of low sodium deli turkey breast
  • A small pieces of cooked chicken breast

There are a lot of options there for a 10 ½ hour time period. Whatever doesn’t make the cut is still cold when I bring it home to it cycles back into the fridge. This is where all of the effort parsing out these items and precooking chicken breast for the week pays dividends. It’s all about the preplanning and thinking it through!

Dining today:

8:30 – I had 12 grain toast with a thin spread of peanut butter on it. What was different this time is that when I went shopping I bought Smukers Reduced Fat peanut butter without stabilizers added. Basically that means when you open it there is peanut oil collected on the top that you have to stir into the peanut butter then refrigerate it.  T tasted fine to me and it’s just one more small dietary change for the better.


11:00 – Scrambled egg whites with red & green peppers.

1:30 – A little bit of the leftover Chicken Cacciatore from last night.

5:30 – I rolled chicken breast in egg whites and coated with whole wheat bread crumbs. I baked it on a thin metal rack on top of a cookie sheet and it came out nice and crispy. With that I quartered some red potatoes and microwaved them. I then threw them in a pan with a very small amount of butter but a large dose of garlic to brown them just a bit. I felt a little guilty using that tab of butter but when I thought about it I couldn’t remember the last time I used butter with or for anything! I rounded it all out with some steamed broccoli.

Still to come tonight- Tuesday’s have turned into healthy apple crisp night. It’s the one night of the week where I have anything to eat after dinner. If anyone has an interest in the recipe I listed it in one of my previous posts.

Thank you so much for checking in with me here today. Know that you are always welcome and always appreciated.

For those who are interested here is a link to a post I put up on my other blog today:



2 Responses to Day 28 – Preparing the Feed Bag

  1. Suzanne says:

    Don’t feel guilty about the butter. Your body needs a little fat each day to run efficiently… at the very least 1 tablespoon.


  2. Jason D says:

    Meal preparation is one of the hardest parts of any of my fitness programs. I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen making hard boiled eggs, frying salmon, baking potatoes, cutting up broccoli, baking chicken breasts, measuring out oatmeal, etc. etc. It’s boring and monotonous, but it is essential for me in order to stay on track because if I don’t prepare it ahead of time, I’ll simply grab an easier and less healthy alternative. Preparing the feed bag is a lot of work behind the scenes so my hat’s off to you for getting it done so you can stay on top of your nutrition. Stay on it, it’s important over the long haul!

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