Day 27 – Jumping Rope is Not for Fat Men


I’m afraid to run every day for fear of my fatness blowing out my knees or causing shin splints so I’m always trying to think of something different. The other day I was in Walmart and had a half hour to kill as I waited for pictures to be developed, I killed time looking through the fitness section and saw a jump rope for just $2. A piece of workout equipment that even I could afford!

Well tonight was the night I tried that means of aerobic exercise. For those of you who know me you are probably already guessing that it didn’t go like you see on T.V. What was I thinking? Did I really believe that I was coordinated enough to sling rope around my 270 pound frame and gracefully jump in place like a scene from a Rocky movie?

Well I will say this- I did sweat. I may have also cussed once or twice but I’m hoping that was the neighbors that I heard and not me. It is distinctly possible that they would cuss given that their pictures were probably falling off their walls! onlymeg

I was proud when I reached the pinnacle of 11 straight swings of the rope without stopping. I think I could have done even more at that point but every time I’d hit about ten jumps my sweat pants would evacuate my hips and seek a lower elevation. I especially noticed how cold it was in the garage when that happened. I’m not sure but I think that I may have just over-shared…!


Tomorrow morning is weigh-in. I am especially nervous about this one. I am a fatalist and I just know that despite sticking with the diet and exercising almost every day I will not have lost anything- or even gained! I still feel better but I want the numbers to back that up!

Dining today:

9:30 – Scrambled egg whites with red & green peppers on dry 12 grain toast.

12:15 – Low sodium deli turkey breast sandwich on 12 grain bread with a side of strawberries.

3:00 – Almonds

6:00 – I steamed some red and green peppers. I cut up chicken breast into cube like pieces and cooked them with very light olive oil in a pan. I then added pasta sauce and poured over whole wheat pasta for something that looked and tasted like Chicken Cacciatore. Whatever you want to call it- it was good!

I hope that all of you are doing well and I thank you for showing up here every day and taking a look. Take the walk with me. If a fat old man like me can do it so can you!



3 Responses to Day 27 – Jumping Rope is Not for Fat Men

  1. Laurie Hoshauer says:

    You should try the DVD “The Biggest Loser The Workout – Cardio Max”. It is a great workout that you do at home, requires little space and does not have a huge coordination requirement.

    • onemanoneview says:


      Thanks for the suggestion. Last night I bought this. I will likely be posting in the next couple of days telling the world how much I regret your having suggested it! 🙂


  2. Sloan says:

    success bro, i hope it success

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