Day 26 – Missing Chickens and Missing Meals


Eating was totally out of synch again today. Part of this was due to being low on healthy options at the start of the day and the rest was simply scheduling issues. I actually got up and didn’t at anything for about four hours when we got back from Church. Then we had a longer stretch when I found myself in the grocery store having gone too long without eating as well.

As I had done once before I simply whipped out the package of low sodium sliced turkey breast. I broke into that and I ate a couple slices of that while shopping. I did have to laugh because I know that there had to be some people looking at the fat man eating from the deli bag thinking unkind thoughts. Oh well- I know the truth and the reason.

As a second issue while shopping I was shocked to find that our very large supermarket was completely out of chicken breast! How does that happen? Is there a chicken shortage? Are the chickens on strike? Did they refuse to cross the road? I live for chicken so it was a bad moment for me. I felt like a junkie who found out that his favorite dealer just got locked up.


When we got back from shopping it was time to prepare for the week. That means separating out fruits, vegetables and nuts into zip-lock single serving bags. I thought I’s show some pictures of what that looks like when we’re done.


Below: Pecans, cashews, green grapes, pineapple and both peeled and peel on tangelos.


Below: Apples, green and red peppers waiting to be sliced, bananas, strawberries and red grapes.


Dining for the day:

12:30- Some leftover grilled chicken and rice from last night. It was a really small amount so I added one of the individual bags of steamed Brussels sprouts.

3:30 – The aforementioned low sodium sliced turkey breast while walking around Market Basket.

6:00 – Due to the apparent global chicken shortage I actually had to default to red meat for the second day this week. My shame is great indeed! So lean meat on the grill it was. I am retraining myself so that I don’t need butter on things like I have been accustomed to. In this case I made a small baked potato and mixed it with some steamed corn. Would butter have tasted better? Yes. Was this an ok substitute? Yes to that too!

I am posting this and then going out walk/running. This will be a real joy as it feels like winter is back- It’s very windy and about thirty degrees and there has even been some snow squalls! First it’s the police, then the dogs and now I have the weather to make my exercise miserable!

I do hope that all of you are well and once again I want to thank all of ou for your support.

This last picture doesn’t have anything to do with this post but I just thought that it was just plain funny!



One Response to Day 26 – Missing Chickens and Missing Meals

  1. Suzanne says:

    My hunch is that you ate their month’s supply of chicken breasts!

    (They haven’t figured out that someone is on a chicken breast spree and they are all scratching their heads wondering why their usual weekly orders of chicken breasts have been running low and now finally ran out!)

    This is way too funny!!!!

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