Day 23 – I’m a Workout Animal


Ok- so workout animal might be a bit of a stretch but I’m pretty certain that I at least smell like an animal when I’m done! Not just any animal but indeed a nasty old farm animal.


I am pretty happy with myself though because I did the poor man’s stair machine Sunday and the walk/run Monday, Tuesday and today, (Thursday). Today when I did the walk/run I clocked it out and started out with a ½ mile straight before I had my first walking point. That may not seem a lot to a lot of you but for a guy my size I feel it was pretty well. If there are any reports of Richter Scales in the northeast reporting activity around 4 PM today worry not- that was just me running!


As to diet today:

4am- Golean Cereal with Kiwi, (I love that cereal)

6:30 – Grapes and pecans

8:30 – Banana

11:30 – I had a very small piece of baked chicken breast that was left over from dinner last night along with two slices of reduced sodium deli turkey breast as is. I also had some grapes and cashews.

3:30 – A few cashews.

6:30 – Dinner was interesting because as a family we had Chinese food. Normally for me that would have included some type of deep fried chicken dish, pork fried rice and a ton of those chips. As I choose to make better choices I instead ordered steamed chicken, broccoli and brown rice. It was actually really good!

Of special note today I want to congratulate my wife. She is not in need of weight loss like I am but even with her changing just a few dietary habits in conjunction with what I’m doing she has lost about five pounds- without being on a diet!

Well this day is over and I’m still loving this process thanks to all of you. I assure you that results are out there to be had if you choose to make even a few small changes.

For me the question tonight is if I will work out tomorrow and keep the string alive. Hoping so….



3 Responses to Day 23 – I’m a Workout Animal

  1. Suzanne says:

    You will EXERCISE tomorrow because you wrote it down alresdy on your “to do” list … right????
    You set aside time …right???
    You planned and prepared your food for tomorrow just like you have planned and prepared for your EXERCISE all week long. It’s not a habit yet but in 21 days it will be pretty much part of your healthy daily routine.

  2. Jason D says:

    Good job on the exercise. Your protein intake is slacking off though. If you start doing more cardio and don’t add resistance training and/or have enough protein in your diet you risk losing muscle, which is your best friend for burning fat. But again, good job!

  3. onemanoneview says:


    You are right as I have sort of forgotten about protein shakes especially now that I am actually exercising. I am also thinking of running every other day for fear of me getting shin splints or some other fat man ailment! I think that today I will be hitting the weights!

    Thanks for the continued guidance which helps keep me on track!

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