Day 22 – Starting to feel the change!


Today was my first day of the work week. One thing that I like about this diet with work is that I have regularly scheduled breaks that allow me to eat at regular intervals. Today- not so much! I did have the same breaks but because I was busy with work related things and due to other break time obligations I actually missed two occasions when I should have thrown the feed bag on! I’ve never felt so guilty about not eating.

One thing that I noticed today is for the first time I feel noticeably better. I actually feel thinner. Don’t get me wrong for I am indeed still plenty fat- just less so! Maybe it’s because it’s the start of the work week but I feel as though I have more energy as well. I’m going to put some of that credit in the lap of the recently started cardio type exercise that I have been doing.


With that having been said I was unable to exercise today. I worked all day and came home for a quick dinner and of all things I was off to a Boy Scout Troop meeting. I have two boys in the military and one- Janni- is serving in Iraq. A local troop is adopting my son and will be sending him letters and packages. I went to that meeting tonight to tell them about Janni and to provide a picture of Janni to each of them. These are a fine bunch of boys indeed!

Daily menu:

4:00am – 15 grain toast with a thin spread of peanut butter

7:00am – Grapes

9:30 – a big fat nothing!

12:00 – Lunch. Two slices of low sodium deli sliced turkey breast as is, a banana, Strawberries and a few Almonds. Once again I was amazed with how full I felt after eating this. A few weeks ago this would have been an appetizer for me!

2:00 – Another big fat nothing!

6:00 – My daughter Nicole cooked today. Even she is trying to get into the healthy eating options! She makes a baked chicken recipe coated with bread crumbs and dry ranch dressing. She also made brown rice with some garlic in it. We had green beans as a side dish.

I hope that all of you are well and I’m also hoping that some of you are making some of the same little changes that I am as well. Even if you only adopt one or two lifestyle/dietary changes it will make a positive difference for you over the long haul.

Now look at me- “Mr. I’m Way 2 Fat” preaching about healthy lifestyles! šŸ™‚



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