Day 21- Exercise Almost Got Me Jail Time!


Between the weigh-in post and the healthy breakfast post this will be my third of the day so I will keep it brief! After today’s weigh-in I am even more focused than before because this is working! Between the support of you folks and my own new-found tenacity this effort will work and it will work long term.

I need to lose 3.3 pounds this week to break onto the 260’s. I can’t remember the last time I was in that range. My eyes are focused on the prize and I don’t want to stop now!

So before my near jail experience let me run down the menu:

9:00 – As detailed and pictured two posts ago I had scrambled egg whites with red and green peppers on a slice of 15 grain dry toast.

12:00 – It’s the first time I’ve done this during this program but I had a sandwich. I had reduced sodium deli turkey breast on 15 grain bread.

2:30 – Pecans and grapes.


6:00 – Well it is St. Patty’s Day! Of course I made lean corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, carrots and I threw in yellow squash just for the heck of it! Most ingredients weren’t that bad and I didn’t go crazy on the corned beef.

Ok- now for how exercise almost got me locked up.

I am proud of myself because for the second day in a row I make myself go out for my walk/run. I am about three quarters the way through this effort when it all goes down…

Now in reality I guess I’m just naturally a shady looking character. On top of that I am wearing a black knit cap with a hoodie sweatshirt with the hood pulled tight over my head. On top of that I am wearing black leather gloves. I have my iPod blazing Johnny Cash and I swear he was singing the Folsom Prison Blues when all of a sudden a Merrimack Cruiser shoots just up ahead of me and stops and two Merrimack cops bail out and start towards me.  As this is settling into my feeble brain a NH State Police Cruiser pulls up right next to me and a female Trooper bails out and starts yelling something at me.

I pull the earplugs out to hear her saying Dan, Dan? I’m like- “huh”? we meet in the middle of the roadway and she says “are you Dan?” Now I’m not always the most serious guy so I reply “even if I was I wouldn’t be for you guys.” The look on her face made it clear that all future jocularity was out of the question.

I tell her my name and offer to show my license but whoops- that would be in my wallet on the dining room table! I look at one of the Merrimack guys and know that I have met him in the past and he finally recognizes who I am. They apologize and walk back to their cruisers and I hear one say “he sure looks like Dan!”

As they drive off I had to laugh as I think that I’ve never had such an experience while eating Cheese-Its on my couch. And here’s a special note to Dan – if you read this blog take this advice from me. Do not, under any circumstances, exercise!

In retrospect if had been Dan I would have been in big trouble because at that point my efforts in a foot pursuit would have been futile!



One Response to Day 21- Exercise Almost Got Me Jail Time!

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve seen Dan, He looks a lot like Dom Delouise…..

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