Week Three – I’m Way 2 Fat results!


Week three resulted in a weight loss of 3.6 pounds. The progress to date as well as my comments are listed below:

Week #1

292.6 start

280.8 week one weigh in

11.8 pounds lost week one

4% overall body weight

Week #2

280.8 last week

276.8 this week

4 pounds lost week two

15.8 pounds lost in two weeks

5.4 % overall weight loss in two weeks

Ending weight 276.8

Week #3

276.8 last week

273.2 this week

3.6 pounds lost week three

19.4 pounds lost in three weeks

6.6 % overall weight loss in two weeks

Ending weight 273.2

I’m obviously happy because I did lose weight as I always go into weigh-ins with a bit of trepidation. The only problem is that people that know me know that I am not the most patient person so I am always wishing that the number was larger!

My random goal at the start of this was to be down to 250 pounds by Nikki’s wedding. I have nine weeks left so that would require an average weekly loss of 2.6 pounds per week to accomplish that. I suppose it’s doable but not all weeks are going to produce good results I’m sure!

One key to make it will be the exercise. If I can stay on top of that it is likely achievable. As to that topic I walked/jogged last night. Well lets just say that when I tried to get out of bed today by legs reminded me of my age and weight!


I intend to carry on with some level of exercise today but this is how I’ll be moving about until that point.


Again- I sincerely thank each and every one of you that come to this site and support my efforts. I assure you that I could not do this if it wasn’t for the fear of failure before you. For those who are considering starting such an effort- do it! I swear to you I have never once gone hungry in these three weeks.  It’s all about retraining yourself in what/how to eat.


2 Responses to Week Three – I’m Way 2 Fat results!

  1. Laurie Hoshauer says:

    Keep up the good work! I find your posts hillarious. I know you will be looking quite dapper for Nikki’s wedding.
    Laurie 🙂

  2. Jason D says:


    At this point you should be considering it your primary key. The diet is going well, but you really need the exercise to make the progress you want, and most importantly, to lose the weight in a healthy way. Keep at it man, and thanks for making us laugh along the way.

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