Day 20 – I ran today, (sort of)!


This is weigh in eve and of course I am nervous. I have been sticking to this program diligently and I am sure that I will have lost some weight but I’m guessing that it will be far less than I want. I understand that the logic is that you put it on slowly and that’s the best way to take it off but… I am not a patient person!

Eating today was interesting as I used leftovers for lunch and tried a new recipe that I saw a few episodes ago on The Biggest Loser. It’s called The Biggest Loser “Fried” Chicken. Of course it’s not fried but is supposed to taste that way while still being good for you. The recipe is also on their web site:

This is a labor intensive recipe with lots of ingredients and prep time. While it wasn’t bad I think that my way to do the same thing is easier and quicker. I just coat chicken breast with egg whites and roll it whole wheat bread crumbs. I then bake it and it comes out tasty and crunchy without needing a table full of blue prints to prepare!

9:00 – GoLean Crunch with Kiwi’s cut up in it

12:00 – For lunch I had some leftover chicken that I had cooked on the grill yesterday. I then used Birds Eye Steam Fresh Frozen Vegetables Singles which I highly recommend. They are in single serving portions and just steam in the bag in less than two minutes. I then eat them plain and they are great. Here’s a look at what the lunch that took two minutes to prepare looked like:


For dinner I made the aforementioned chicken recipe with garlic mashed red potatoes. I also added another bag of the single serving vegetables. I am amazed at how I am getting used to eating vegetables and potatoes without butter on them! Here’s what the end result looked like:



This was good today- but it sure wasn’t pretty! For the first time in a couple of years I broke out my good running shoes. I swear the things looked scared to death when I was putting them on! I went out on my normal two mile walking route except I started jogging parts of it. I would try to jog the distance between two or three telephone poles. I would then stop and walk until I could catch my breath then start it again. I had my iPod with me and I have Army running cadences on it that really help from a psychological stand point. I’ve got to say that it was generally awful- yet exhilarating at the same time. I felt great because even though I looked terrible and felt terrible I was doing something that was good for me. I hope that my shins and knees hold out so that I can do more and more of this in the days to come!

Oh well- weigh in tomorrow. I hope that I have something to show for the effort!



7 Responses to Day 20 – I ran today, (sort of)!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Good job on the exercise.

  2. Candy says:

    Where do you find these pictures/cartoons? They’re very amusing!

  3. says:

    Hey Chet, its been awhile since I read the blog, but check in freq. with Deb as to how you are doing!!!
    I can sympathize with the exercise, as I hate it too!!! I am still very impressed, keep up the good work, you are certainly impacting the Hubbard household with your dedication and drive!!!!


  4. Jason D says:

    Great meals and good choice of exercise. Stay with it and it you will be rewarded.

  5. onemanoneview says:


    Thanks for your continued support. Yes indeed based upon the week three weigh-in stats I just posted the efforts are bearing fruit! One week at a time….

  6. Tom says:

    Next time you go jogging let me know. During conditioning, while jogging, my college baseball coach used to drive his car behind us on the roads and as soon as someone began falling behind he’d run them over. I’d be happy to do the same for you! Anything to help a friend!!!!

  7. onemanoneview says:


    You had better have a really, really big car because I’m still really, really big! But thanks for the offer!

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