Day 19 – One Flight Too Far


First and most importantly – today is the birthday of one of my sons Christian. Christian is a Army Medic stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas. He’s down there in service of me, you and our fine country. If you’d like to see more of what I wrote about his birthday please check out this link to my other blog:

So as posted yesterday I am determined to exercise on all three of my days off this week. I did so right after dinner tonight which was perhaps not the best time as it turns out.   Used the poor man’s stair machine and did 15 repetitions of three flights up and three flights down for a total of 45 flights up and down. By the10th repetition I had paramedics keeping pace with a defib!

When I ended I sat at the computer- but only for a moment! I promptly left my seat and did a less colorful imitation of the clown above! The bad news is that I wasn’t smart enough to exercise before dinner. The good news is that I only rented dinner!

As to my daily intake I have noted that days off are harder for me in terms of a regular eating schedule.  While the food easy is just as good for me I’m not eating at regular enough intervals or often enough.

930 – Scrambled egg whites with red hot

1:00 – Whole wheat elbow macaroni with just a touch of red pasta sauce.

3:00 – Cashews

6:00 – I made Deb a steak on the grill. As much as it killed me I passed on the steak but instead grilled a chicken breast for me with just a touch of barbecue sauce. I also had a baked potato as is.

Later on I am going to make the healthy apple crisp recipe that I listed on the previous post. You really should check it out because it’s easy to make and it’s good too!

I hope that all of you had a great day today and I again thank you for your support!



One Response to Day 19 – One Flight Too Far

  1. Tom says:

    Sorry I missed the clown imitation, would been a great u tube video…………..

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