Day 17 – What I Didn’t Eat Today!

man_crying_229679aOk- tonight I am going to change things up a bit. Normally I post what I ate on any given day. Today I’m going to show you what I didn’t eat!

My team had an after work outing at Jillian’s in Manchester NH. All you can eat and drink gratis!  Always an opportunity to unwind with teammates and of course an opportunity to drink and gorge oneself.

That was then- this is now! I went and had diet coke, (three even though I was driving)! I had no food at all but I used my cell phone camera to show what I didn’t eat.

This is what I didn’t eat!




This is a picture of one of my diet cokes!


This is what I came home and ate!


Nuff Said!


3 Responses to Day 17 – What I Didn’t Eat Today!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Who decides where the team eats? The tool lists 7 Manchester eateries.

    Why didn’t you eat any food? You should be able to eat healthy no matter where you go, even if it means planning and bringing your own food with you or … stopping for a healthy takeout and joining them, eating your take out at Jillian’s … It looked like there was shrimp, cheese and celery. Concentrate on what you CAN eat with the team, not deprivation and what you cannot or did not eat. Wouldn’t your long term goal be to maintain your new healthy weight??? This is the time you are slowly changing from the old ways of eating to smarter choices.

    Good photos … next time show the healthy choices you actually made when eating at Jillian’s.

  2. Cheryl says:

    You certainly showed quite a bit of will power. I would have at least had the shrimp and a small salad with dressing on the side. Oh yeah, here’s a little tid-bit I learned. Order the dressing on the side and dip your fork into the salad and then spear it into your salad greens. You’ll be amazed how that fork on picks up about a teaspoon, if that, of dressing. And it’s just enough to give you a little taste with the greens. The food in the pictures did look good but I know just how hard it is to work off fried foods. Not worth the headache. Diet coke was a good choice!

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