Day 15 – After the Intervention!


Ok- today is the first day after the intervention efforts of my loyal supporters. For those that did not read yesterday’s post I has one 95 calorie beer and a sip or two of Jack Daniels which I was honest about on this site. It was appropriately pointed out by some folks here that alcohol is not usually the corner stone of any diet! As such I am out of the gutter and back on the wagon! Thank you all for caring enough to share your opinions on the matter.

Today was perhaps the most stressful day I have ever had at work. The fact that I didn’t use that as an excuse to hit up the candy machine or otherwise comfort myself with unreasonable eating as I would have in the past is a good sign to me. It has always been easy for me to tell myself that I “deserve” to reward myself with food and that is now showing signs of changing.

4:00am – 15 grain toast with a thin spread of peanut butter.

6:30am Banana and grapes

9:30am – Two slices of reduced sodium deli turkey breast.

12:00 – For lunch I had one of the small thin chicken breasts that I precook. I also ate about half of a hardboiled egg and  couldn’t finish it. It wasn’t that I was full but I think the plain boiled egg is the first thing that I’ve maxed out my desire to eat. I may have to give them a rest for a bit! I also had some fresh strawberries as a bit of dessert.

3:30 – Almonds

6:00 – Dinner – My wife was home sick so there was little that she wanted to eat or that she thought she could eat. I went and picked up a small won ton soup for each of us. There were only two won tons in the soup and the rest primarily broth. I know the sodium was a killer here but overall I don’t think it was too bad. Looking up the nutrition facts online I saw that almost every site showed that the soup was high in protein which surprised me.

As the small soup alone wouldn’t cover it I had yet another small piece if the cooked chicken breast and some steamed Brussels sprouts as a side.

Overall I’m just glad this day is over. Earnestly praying for a less stressful day tomorrow!



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